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The Ultimate Guide for Throwing Your Big Backyard Bash

Everybody knows I love a good celebration, so you know I’m always up for a party. I am constantly hosting people and parties in my home and I love it. I have brought on Kortney Gruenwald to lay out some simple ways to help you throw your next party.



My writer life is divided between two destinations at the summit of America’s entertaining culture: New York and Charleston. Whether a coastal evening of rosé sipping in Montauk or a sophisticated southern porch affair, hosting any kind party is a mandatory occasion. A successful soirée starts with a hostess at ease and an elegant atmosphere brimming with details inspired by your individuality and the destination. Add this guide to your hostess playbook as you plan your own backyard bash:  

Menu: Light & Seasonal

The most intuitive way to build a menu is embracing seasonality. Whether you’re a DIY hostess or hiring caterers, build the menu based on local farm harvests. In summer hotspots like the Hamptons and Charleston where the culinary scenes are flourishing, guests cherish local details. Keep the menu centered around light bites served chilled. Never underestimate the power of a thoughtful charcuterie board; a spread of cheeses and artisan snacks weaved with local details is always the star of the table. 



Drinks: Local Vineyard

Celebrate your home destination by serving local wine. My signature party drink is inspired by my travels in Spain combined with my love for southern living: Peach Rosé Sangria. The delicious fusion is made with Rosé wine as the base, fresh peach juice, peach liqueur, simple syrup and muddled with peaches and strawberries. Sangria is timeless and can easily be made bespoke to fit every hostess’ taste.

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Décor: Nature Takes Lead 

Seasonal blooms should always lead décor decisions and color schemes. Summer, for example, for me is romantic bunches of hydrangeas, richly displayed in blue and white porcelain vases. All décor decisions, hues and fabrics boldly complement that selection. If hydrangeas aren’t your summer perennial of choice, consider sunflowers, peonies or lavender.


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These are great tips to apply to your next backyard bash. Comment below any pro tips that work for you!



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