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15 Minute Full Body Workout With LACEY STONE

Alright… you guys have seen this woman on Revenge Body … she is a BEAST in the gym and now she’s in my backyard! Lacey Stone is here to KICK my butt.. see what I do for you guys?! She came up with a high intensity FULL BODY circuit that yep, you guessed.. you can do anywhere at anytime. All you need is a little equipment.

Do the workout:

  1. Alternating Squats (targets legs) – 30 seconds

  2. Resistance Band Bicep Curl + Press (targets arms)- 30 seconds

  3. Speed Skater and jump (cardio)- 30 seconds

  4. Booty Walk (booty) – 30 seconds

  5. Plank Roll (abs)- 30 seconds

  6. Push Up with Foot Fire (arms/ cardio) – 30 seconds

  7. Reverse Lunge (legs)- 30 seconds each leg

  8. Lunge Jump (legs) – 30 seconds total

  9. Alternating Leg Kicks (cardio) – 30 seconds total

Repeat 3 times!

Shop the equipment:

Okay, so you’re supposed to repeat this circuit THREE times … I’m not doing it all because I already worked out today and I’m dead. But this is really going to get your heart rate up and tone you up. If you liked her workout today, you can sign up for her virtual training platform… right here. Which trainer would you like to see on my channel next?

Thanks for watching!



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