The Wave



Today I was driving home from the grocery store and I found myself stuck trying to get out of the Bristol Farms parking lot. After 5 minutes of frustrating pre-road rage agony I was met with the kindness of a stranger in a light blue Ford Fiesta. Sensing my utter frustration she waved me into her lane of traffic.


Upon entering the lane my heart rate instantly stopped and I realized I would not be stuck in parking lot purgatory any longer. Now as a southern belle my Mama always taught me that anytime someone lets you cut you should always give them a wave.


Waving is so much more than something every Miss America contestant perfects before she walks down the runway; waving is an emotional connection that shows someone that you care. It shows them that you recognize their generosity and that you value them as co-habitants of this crazy world. And at the end of the day, it shows that you have manners and your mama raised you well.


So make sure to wave the next time someone does something nice for you on the road and remember to extend kindess to others on the road, even if they don't wave. Don't worry about it. They'll learn some day :).




Molly SimsComment