The Power of a BFF



Ever have one of those days when you wake up and just feel yucky? Today was my turn. I had bad hair, didn’t feel cute in any of my clothes, burned my toast and spilled my oj all over the kitchen floor. Just when I was ready to officially label today as a ‘Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’ my phone rang.


First let me take a second to tell you that my phone doesn't ring. It actually plays ‘Eye of the Tiger’ so just the fact that the phone rang was an instant jolt of energy. Rather than picking it up on the first ring I let it go...I listened to the Rocky song and mentally reminded myself that I COULD OWN this day.


On the last ring before voicemail I answered the phone. It was my BFF. Okay, okay I know you’re thinking ‘um caller id, you knew it was your bestie before you answered’ and I need to tell you that it is NOT true. My BFF has a blocked number. So does CVS, some distant relatives and a few people who are not the kind you want to interrupt ‘Eye of the Tiger’ for if you know what I mean.




Hearing my bestie’s voice on the phone instantly peaked my mood. She was her cute, funny, irreverent self and cracked me up telling me about her night. There is just something about having a BFF that cannot be replaced.


It’s like you have an instant soul sister who is there to help you through any and all tough times. Or as Brene Brown would put it - help you move a dead body. When I met my BFF I instantly knew that we’d be in each others lives for a long time.


Since that day we have been there for each other in every way, shape and form imaginable. We’ve been there for births, deaths, weddings, breakups and everything in between. She is my sister, the single one person who knows me better than anyone else (husband excluded) and the person I know I can be completely myself around. I can turn off the filter that reminds me that I need to be an adult and can stay awake until 3 in the morning acting like a 7 year old girl with her.


And, at the end of the day I can go to sleep knowing that out there, somewhere, there is someone just as crazy as me and that instantly makes me smile :). So take today to be thankful for your BFF and give her a big ole hug!


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