The Art of Gift Giving for a Hostess

molly sims crab hostess As you are all well aware now, I AH-dore the process of gift giving. Though the holiday season is full of reasons to gift presents to your loved ones, it's also so, so, so important to show any host or hostess a bit of love and appreciation for the hard work they put into party planning. Along with any invitation should come a thoughtful present, no matter how small or large.

To prep for New Year's Eve, I popped by two of my fav, fav, fav stores in LA to pick up a few hostess gifts to make sure I was prepared for the season!

molly sims vintage tray

First, I stopped by Rummage, a store owned by my good friend, Kishani Perera. We work together on a lot of interior decor projects in my home and I partnered with her for the cover of her book. While rummaging around (get it?) I found a few pieces that were AH-mazing.

crab fly ashtray


  • I love the fly and crab ashtrays; they are just so cool and just really a great piece on any table.
  • A good tray is always a must and vintage is always a great way to go.
  • Another great find is the vintage backgammon set; it's so chic and is a great gift for men as well.
  • Love a card tray and this vintage girl would look great on any desk or table.
  • When at a loss, a great vase is always the perfect gift!

Second, I popped into Gardeshop, where I shopped with Scotti Sitz who owns the store with her husband John Davidson. They have the hippest store in Hollywood. Love, love, love....... EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went a little CUH-razy picking out my favorites. Their products are just too, too, too good!

molly sims host placemats

  • Love paper plates because: A - they look cool and B - you get to throw them away when they get MESSY. These round disposable plates with gold pine cones are adorable and come in a set of 25 for only $30. [above, left]
  • Tom Dixon candles are to die for and smell so good. Ladies AND gentleman will go nuts. Silver is called Royalty, gold is called Orientalist, rose gold is called London. They are $80 each but come in a set of 3 mini ones for $120. [below, top left]
  • I have these Serax laundry bags; they remind me of art because you can just pick them up and take all your dirty clothes in and the clean ones back. [below, top right]
  • Honey, such a sweet gift, hello! [below, bottom left]
  • Austrian eggs are such a great decorative addition, and at $12, they're a steal. [below, bottom right]
  • I am OB-sessed with this perfume called Chambre Noir. It's such a great multi-sex smell and is delicious. $195 each. comes in 5 varieties, not on website. [above, right]

gardeshop molly sims

When at a loss, Anthropologie is always a great place to shop! These flickering striped napkins are so chic and the grey palate is a great neutral for any home.

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