Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

My Brooksie is a Superhero addict.  He’s often seeing “flying” around our house pretending to be Superman or jumping from here to there exactly like his buddy, Spiderman. So when I was on a Pinterest bender a few weeks ago looking for Easter egg inspiration and came across the idea of using temporary tattoos, I knew I had a winner.


Some people like to leave the egg plain (un-dyed) but you know me, Momma likes a pop of color.  It feels a little un-Easter like to not have the egg dyed.  But, don’t quote me on that… there’s always next year!  Who knows what will be in vogue in the land of eggs and bunny.

To kick this Superhero project into high gear you just need a few items:

  • Hardboiled Eggs
  • Easter Egg Dye
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Sponge & Washcloth
  • Bowl of water

Dye your Easter eggs like normal and let them dry completely.  Or leave them plain if you prefer!  Cut out your temporary tattoo.  Peel off the clear backing and wrap the tattoo face down around the egg.  Then use a damp sponge and press firmly down on the tattoo.  The process is exactly the same as when you are applying a temporary tattoo to a body but it can be a bit tricky working with the tattoo around the shape of the egg.  I like to use the washcloth for larger tattoos so I can completely cover the tattoo and press it evenly on the egg.  Hold the tattoo on the egg for at least 30 seconds.  Be patient.  I definitely had a few issues with the larger tattoos, as they are harder to wrangle, but just use the edge of your nail to smooth down any edges that didn’t attach properly.


I’ve got a #Supermomma tip for you…


If you are hosting an Easter Egg hunt with varied ages and are worried about the older kids scoring all the eggs, I’ve got an easy solution.  Assign each child a specific egg color to retrieve so the playing field is kept fair.


I found these confetti eggs at Target.  Only $2.49 for a dozen!  I know Brooks and his buddies are going to have a great time with these!!

Are you ready for the Easter bunny?  What are your family’s favorite Easter traditions?  Tell me EVERYTHING!!!