#SupermodelSecrets: Smokey Emerald Smudge

When it comes to being a busy mom on the go, there’s nothing I love more than a shortcut to looking absolutely AH-mazing. That’s why one of my absolute fav, fav, fav looks is the Smokey Emerald Smudge. It gives the effect of a smokey eye but literally takes about 3 minutes! Not only does it take no time at all, but you only need a few products to achieve the look.

The absolute key component to this look is a thick eyeliner. Find the chubbiest liner you can! These will also often be called eyeshadow pencils, which really is the perfect description; they cover so much of your lid that it’s almost as if it’s a shadow in pencil form.


In this case, because it’s an emerald smudge, I used Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon in Smoky Emerald.

  • Take the pencil and rub it on your lid just to the crease. You’ll want to make sure you don’t go all the way up to your eyebrow. Because I’m covering so much of my lid with the pencil, I like to find one that has a bit of shimmer in it. Sometimes if a pencil is too opaque it can be very heavy on the high, especially if you’re covering so much surface area with it.
  • Once you’ve applied the liner, add a bit of a glossy finish to really add to that smudged look. Using lip balm is a great trick when it comes to trying to give your shadow that wet effect. I love, love, love me some Rosebud Salve. It’s just glossy enough that it achieves the effect, but isn’t overwhelming or hard to manage. Lightly dab it in the centre of the eye.
  • Apply your favorite mascara (I love Lorac, as well as many others) to finish off the look!

I’m so, so, so excited for all of you to try this look. While it’s super convenient and great for a busy schedule, it’s really pretty regardless of whether you have 5 minutes to get ready or an hour. And don’t be afraid to try other pencils! This trick is perfect for a quick bronzed smokey eye, or even purple or dark blue. Whichever you choose, it’s a great staple to know about when in a hurry!