Park City Utah: A Thanksgiving Extravaganza, Part 1!


molly sims scott stuber brooks stuber park city We are spoiled here in sunny Los Angeles. But, every once in a while you crave a place with true winter weather. (There is just something about bundling up in a big coat, a scarf, a hat, and mittens that really puts my heart in the holiday spirit!)  So, you can imagine my excitement when Brooks, Scott and I packed our bags and visited the family in Park City, Utah for Thanksgiving!

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We were early for our flight (who knew?!) and while waiting in the airport, Brooks met a new friend named Sophie!! I could not resist snapping this photo of them in their matching stripes. It was just too cute!


Then, it was plane time.  (Brooks’ favorite thing ever!)  Let me just take this opportunity to say thank you to the kind people seated next to us.  They were so  gracious when Brooks decided to show them all his toys and books, and they didn’t mind when he told them what sound a fire engine makes over and over again, and even when he tried to climb into their seats, they were incredibly accommodating to my adventurous toddler.

Luckily, it was a pretty quick flight to Park City.

brooks stuber airplane park city

When we landed, it was everything we wanted and more right out of the gate. The weather was indeed: WINTER.

When we checked into our hotel, (The Waldorf Astoria!) we met Joel Chaffee – the best concierge ever! We asked him for some good ideas on what to do in the city, and it was probably the smartest thing we could have done.  Our first stop from Joel’s list of things we should do: DOG SLEDDING.

brooks stuber dog sledding

Fernando Ramirez and his wife own and operate, Luna Lobos Dog Sledding. They were two of the nicest people with the best sled dogs around.  Scott, Brooks and I all piled into the sled and wrapped ourselves in blankets…we were ready to go!  But the dogs didn’t move. At least, not until a teddy bear (yes, a teddy bear) was strategically placed in front of the lead husky dog.  And just like that - we were off and running!

I’ve never seen Brooks so excited!!  It was an incredible trip through some of the best, winter-wonderland scenery ever!

When the sled dog ride was all over, we made our way over to Gorgoza Park!  This park has amazing hills for sledding (the kind you do without the sled dogs).  Its two larger hills were packed with the older kids who fly down the hills at top speed!

brooks stuber park city sledding

Brooks isn’t quite at that level yet, so we stuck close to another side of the park, Fort Frosty. A smaller, gentler, but definitely fun area for the younger ones.  We pulled him around on an inner tube, gliding him over the fresh snow and spinning him around like he was on the tea cup ride at Disney Land.  Two hours later, I had the happiest boy on the planet, with a new found love for winter activities. (Well, sort of. Did I mention he doesn’t like to actually touch the snow? Haha!)

hanz the bear

There is something about being out in the winter air that really works up an appetite for comfort food.  And thanks (again) to our friend Joel at the hotel, we were armed with some awesome choices for great eats in the city.

I cannot say enough great things about 350 Main.  Promise me if you go, you will order the red quinoa cakes and the smokey-mac-a-gnocci-n-cheese.  You can (and will) thank me later!

We also found time during our trip to go to the Purple Sage Restaurant (a American Western Bistro) where we had their award winning meat loaf. It's their grilled meatloaf with hints of poblano peppers and topped sweet tomato chili sauce! MMMM!

Scott and I loved the No Name Saloon! Amazing buffalo burgers, the artichoke and jalapeño dip, which is pretty much the greatest thing on the planet, and of course it's just a fun place to grab a drink after a long day of winter fun.

But, thats where Part 1 ends... (Brooks is up from his nap and ready to eat!)  I'll have more stories from Park City later!  Til next time!

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