Need Dinner in 5? Turn to your Freezer

As much as I AH-dore cooking, it’s hard to keep the whole fam fully fed with de-lish foods all the time! For a busy mom, sometimes you just have to give over to the frozen food gods. Amy’s frozen food meals are AH-mazing and they only take like 5 minutes to prepare! The mac and cheese is my fav, they all taste so, so, so fresh and homemade! I always keep them stocked up in my fridge just in case we need to take some food for the road.

Every now and then when I’m in a rush, I’ll pull out my Vans gluten free waffles or my Udi’s gluten free muffin tops for breakfast or even for dinner, they are to die for! Also, who doesn’t love breakfast all day?! Udi’s is the best for s my fave Friday night pizza dinner! Their spinach and feta pizza is everything!

For those days that I just can’t find the time to chop, wash and peel all those fruits and veggies that we all need, I turn to my fridge. I use my frozen berries for Brooks to make a little mango razzle dazzle smoothie in the morning. The mango, raspberry, blueberry combo is to die for and the best part is that it all comes pre chopped in the freezer bag!

Guess what mommas, not only are frozen foods the ultimate lifesaver, but they’re super healthy too!  It has been shown that frozen berries are so, so, so high in vitamins and antioxidants. They maintain their nutritious value sometimes more than even fresh foods, because farmers tend to freeze them directly after they are picked! It is possible that if you keep fruits and veggies at the supermarket or in your house for too long that they can deteriorate and lose some of their health benefits. Not to mention frozen meals come prepackaged totally portion controlled, making it way less tempting to overeat!

It is so, so, so important to make sure you check the ingredients. Definitely avoid anything with syrup or cheese when it comes to your frozen fruits and veggies. They are really, really, really high in saturated fat and calories. When purchasing frozen food and veggies, they should be the ONLY things listed in the ingredients.

#SupermodelSecret: I try to stick to the frozen meals that stay under 300 calories. They usually come in light and regular! The light is just as delicious and guilt free. Lean Cuisine has the best ones!

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