My New Year's Resolution


molly sims resolution new years As a girl who love, love, loves to keep a journal, take pictures, and save memories, I think it's so, so, so important to look back at the end of each year and assess your past twelve months. With New Year's Eve's arrival, everyone is currently debating their resolutions for 2014 whether they be personal or professional, romantic, or goal based. Many people are quick to jump to crazy, unattainable goals, which just sets them up for failure when 2014 ends and they look back at their limited accomplishments.

Instead of drafting lofty aspirations, I like to think about small ways I can regularly impact my life on a larger scale. That's why when I sat down to think about my plan for the next 365 days, I decided to narrow my focus to 5 different areas: family, wellness, creativity, growing, and charity. This way I'll be able to actively work on each part of my life that means so, so, so much to me, growing as a person while making life for those around me better as well!

  • Spend as much time with family as possible
  • Stay active
  • Read more
  • Take a class
  • Volunteer

Now that I've shared my New Year's Resolutions, what's yours? Tell me everything?!