My Monthly Obsessions | April

For me, the month of April is all about gearing up for my favorite season of all—summer, of course! From getting back-to-bikini ready to finding some new beach bag essentials, I have definitely found some OB-SESSIONS to share with you.



When it comes to pet peeves, tangled headphones are close to the top of my list. I always end up throwing them in my bag on the way out the door, which makes them a mess when I go to use them. When I found Budsleeves, I vowed to never go back to the old ones. These ear buds eliminate tangling by using a thick bungee material. They are super cute, too!

Say Hello To Sexy Legs! Illuminating Fluid

Summer is almost here which means I’ll be showing a lot more leg. I am a huge advocator of lathering up the SPF (the higher the better!) so when I want a bronzing glow, I normally end up faking it. This illuminating fluid delivers a weightless texture and smells AH-mazing, which is important. It smells like pure coconut (one of it’s ingredients!) It’s also infused with caffeine and green tea, which is great for tightening. And for all you #SUPERMOMMAS—it’s paraben and phthalate free!

Just Tell Me What To Say by Betsy Brown Braun

I’ll just put this as simple as possible—parenting can be tough. Brooks’ can have his share of temper tantrums (like most kids!) and it’s a learning experience to deal wit them in an effective manner. If you have these same problems (or see them coming) Betsy Brown Braun’s books are a godsend. “Just Tell Me What To Say” provides tips and scripts for everything from sibling rivalry to those tough talks about death, sex, and divorce. As a child development specialist, she also has other books out specifically for each step in the child’s life.

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Paste

My friend, Dana Slatkin, of Farm Girl Beverly Hills turned me onto this. This pure vanilla paste from Madagascar takes a sweet dish to another level! You’ll never go back to regular vanilla extract. Since it has a thick texture, it doesn’t thin out batters, which makes it great for most of your baking needs. It’s also delicious to add to a spring cocktail for a sweeter taste.

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

I love my beauty sleep. So when I do settle down for the night, I try to maximize it. As a momma, we truly do take it where we can get it! This silk sleep mask is a true luxury.

Nicole Granato Detox

Some days, I truly don’t have time to sit and lemon water. As much as we put the effort in, it can be hard to have time when running the kids to school or heading to work. That’s why it’s important to find detox and wellness products that work for your lifestyle! In my case, I like finding things for “on-the-go.” Nicole Granato’s Detox powder can be easily added to literally anything!

Sleep Dresses From Lunya Sleepwear

Can I see a show of hands on who actually wears sexy lingerie to bed? Probably not many. I’m all about the comfort! That’s where Lunya Sleepwear’s line comes in. Their material and designs are comfortable, breathable, and simple. What else could you want?

Mission B

Whenever possible, I try to use organic beauty products for everyday wear. As a one-stop-shop, I like to purchase all of my products on Mission B. They have all the lines I love and I can also be sure that everything I’m purchasing on their site is all natural, organic, and eco-friendly.

What are you OB-sessing over? Leave me a comment below!