My Love, Love, Love of Hot Chocolate


brooks stuber hot chocolate Hot Chocolate. I love everything about it.

I have many memories of my mama making it for me and couldn't wait for it to be ready. Every since then, I've collected all different kinds. I love the Swiss Miss and the different flavors from Williams-Sonoma. Heck, I even love the Nestle chocolate mix! The salted caramel is to die for. I have even been known take a heaping full and eat it by itself. Yes, I know, gross, but I love it in the mornings and on colder days. I love different toppings as well. My favorite being the campfire marshmallows. I also like adding a bit of vanilla powder that I buy at The Coffee Bean.

brooks hot chocolate

The options are endless. I love having pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate to stir it up. I love using fresh candy canes to make myself a peppermint hot chocolate and cinnamon whipped cream ... not going to lie ... is TO DIE! What are your favorite toppings? Tell me everything?!

hot chocolate

Clearly, this love of hot chocolate has transferred from myself to Brooksie! His new fav, fav, fav word is cocoa. Someone is taking after mama and the tradition continues ...

Just in time for the holiday season - a great gift is mason jars filled with your homemade hot cocoa mix with marshmallows on top. Add a bow. Perfect present? I think so.