My Free 4 Week Detox Calendar!

Ok, let's hear it! Who's joining me on my month long, post holiday indulgences, detox?

So far, I've shared:

... but there's more to come, PROMISE!

The best, best, best thing about this detox is that you can start on ANY day. It doesn't have to be the first of the month, it doesn't have to be for the New Year, it can be any old week!

All you need is a bit of motivation, the right foods in your refrigerator and a game plan. I stick to three square meals a day plus a snack, as well as some sort of physical activity. Running around with a toddler on a regular basis is no joke, but I AB-solutely have to fit in a bit of cardio, yoga, strength training or stretching for my day to be complete.

One thing I've noticed is that this detox is so, so, so much easier if you can plan. I initially was just working off of a huge, plain calendar in my kitchen, that I would use to write meals and workouts, (as well as cross off days!) but it quickly became too plain for my liking. In the interest of sharing, I thought I'd create a fun, downloadable calendar that you can print off, fill out, and post in your own home!

Click Here to Download the Calendar!

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