I Love a Good List



Just a quick list of my fav #LifeByMolly moments.






The number of bracelets on your arm is directly linked to happiness so STACK UP!

There is nothing a swipe of lip gloss cannot solve.

Wearing heels may hurt but they make up for it in self confidence.

An accent wall can make your room feel like a completely different place.

Pink nails will instantly make you feel like a chic Parisian fashionista.

Black tea with a splash of lemonade makes the world seem a bit brighter.

Triaging is necessary when dealing with a baby. He is always the most important. Everything else can fall in line behind.

Take advantage of rainy weather by adding a splash of perfume on your sheets, snuggling up with your dogs or babies and watch a chick flick!

The best advice I can give you is to wear sunscreen.

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