How to Plan a Perfect Family Photoshoot

While Scott, Brooks, and I were in Miami over the holidays, my thoughtful sister in law, Alexis, surprised us with a photoshoot session. 

Now, I've been on my share of sets, but it's a whole different story when you add in a 19-month old toddler who just wants to run around! Thankfully, Alexis thought ahead and planned so that our session with Maria would go smoothly and the pictures would turn out fantastically ... which they did.

I thought it would be helpful to share some of Alexis' brilliant ideas for all the families out there who want to stage their own shoot for holiday cards or memories!

#MollyTips c/o Alexis:

  • Think ahead. Is it going to be outside? What happens if it rains? Make a game plan and a back up plan.
  • If the photoshoot is set to take place outside on the grass, bring blankets. No one wants to ruin clothes by sitting on wet grass or end up with stains.
  • Color coordinate outfits ahead of time. While you don't want to be matchy/matchy, you do want the kids and adults to compliment each other.  
  • Pack toys, games, and favorites for all the kiddies. It'll keep them entertained and get them to smile when the time comes!

Prepping for the shoot is just as important as the shoot itself!