Goodbye dirty 30's!



So this is officially the final stretch of my 30's. we've had a good run. We've seen some emotional ups and downs, gone through a wedding and birth and have redecorated too many rooms to even count.


As I look back on my 30's they were definitely not like I'd planned them. I didn't get married at 30, have twins at 33 and never did get around to growing that herb garden I had planned for 35. Instead I just let go and enjoyed the ride. I let myself have fun and as one preconceived milestone passed by I just laughed and enjoyed what was taking its place. And at the end of the day, I got my husband and we were able to start our family.


I'm happy, content, settled and am ready to embrace everything that my 40's have headed my way. This Saturday I'm having a party not to mourn the end of my 30's but to celebrate the decade to come. So, thanks for the good times 30's and welcome to the party 40's!



Molly SimsComment