Now that Brooks is 1 year old I'm forced to take everything from his newborn nursery and turn it into a real life toddler bedroom. Saying goodbye to the sweet little onesies and animals that mimic womb sounds actually gets me a bit teared up!

That said, I am having fun finding whimsical, fun accessories to go in his big boy room. The other day I was walking through Barney's looking for the perfect summer tee and I came across Trumpette the Howdy Bouncy Cow. I was smitten!

I had to have him.  Brooks was just in love with Trumpette as I was so we decided that he needed to move into his big boy room. Trumpette arrived in the mail today and Brooks help me set him up in the corner of his room. I know it is just a rubberized cow but the act of finding something special with my big boy and then arranging it in his room just made my heart happy.

So here's to Trumpette the Howdy Bouncy Cow.


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