Backyard Picnic, Brooks Style!!

School is almost out my friends!  What are your plans with your kids this summer?  No really, tell me everything!!

Brooks hasn’t started school yet, but I’m always on the lookout for fun activities you can do with your little ones.  That’s why I’ve dedicated this week to exploring cool things to do with kids because before you know it the last bell is going to ring and the teacher is going to shout, “School’s out!”

On our first day of suggestions for summer merry making, we are going as far as our own backyard.  Picnic time!  It couldn’t have been easier to put together.  I rounded up some bright blankets, gathered some toys and made us a little lunch.  For a little extra cuteness, I used a heart cookie cutter on our sandwiches.  Super charming, and it actually made it easier for Brooks to handle.


COOKIE CUTTER SANDWICH QUICK TIP:  Put your bread in the fridge.  Bread usually cuts cleaner chilled than at room temperature.


We had our lunch and then it was playtime!!  I put together a simple obstacle course with a few hula-hoops. Brooks couldn’t get enough! If your kids are older, this would be a great opportunity to let their imaginations to run free.  Let them build the obstacle course for you! We even had one of those collapsible tunnelsbut the wind blew it into the pool and that darn thing sunk faster than the Titanic!

No outdoor party would be any fun without bubbles.  Brooks LOVES them.  Our dog Duke goes bananas whenever we blow bubbles.  Duke would love to make it his life’s mission to eat every bubble on the planet. Lucky for Duke, Brooks will gladly do his part help his canine brother out!  Bubbles for everyone!! We even had a few friends over to join in on our fun.  Brooks and I really enjoyed our picnic. I have a feeling this is the first of many to come.


What are your favorite snacks to bring on a picnic?  Does your family have any picnic traditions?

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