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How To Stay Looking Chic and Festive This Holiday Season


The holiday season is here, and with that comes the holiday party invites. While we are never one to say no to a good party, the stress of picking an outfit is real. Year after year, we find ourselves running through the same questions – is it festive enough, is it work appropriate, is it too dressy, if I take away the heel, is it too casual?

This year, we’ve sorted through all our favorite brands’ holiday collections and picked out the best of the best. You’ll find all the chicest sequined looks, the perfect pops of red, and of course, velvet on velvet!


Step into the holiday season with a touch of sophistication as we celebrate the unrivaled allure of the Little Black Dress. This iconic wardrobe essential has proven time and again that it truly is the perfect fit for any occasion. Its classic silhouette effortlessly transitions from office soirées to festive gatherings. Pair it with sparkling accessories for a touch of festive flair, or let its simplicity shine with a bold red lip and sleek heels. The best part? It is something you will wear year round, well beyond the holidays making it a closet staple.


The Perfect Pop of Red

Whether it’s a sassy crimson dress or killer scarlet accessories, we’ve rounded up the chicest hues of red. These red picks will instantly leave you feeling and looking festive, without feeling like you’re overdoing it. Mastering the pop of red is truly an art, and these elegant pieces do so in a bold, yet timeless manner.

A Sequin Moment

Sequins are here to elevate your holiday style to a whole new level of festive! They can be a chic sparkly pop, or the statement piece of your outfit. They can also be hard to master, which is why we’ve rounded up our favorite sequined silhouettes that are sure to flatter all for the holiday season!

Velvet on Velvet

Luxury meets holiday chic as we dive into the world of velvet elegance! From gorgeous gowns to tailored blazers, discover the timeless allure of velvet, which truly is the must-have fabric for holiday party season.

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