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The Shoe That Every It-Girl Owns: The Loafer


As you’ve probably clued in, 2023 is the year of the flat shoe. We’ve already covered ballet flats, so now it’s time to delve into the loafer.

This versatile shoe can truly be worn with anything, and during any season. It was the it-shoe of the summer, and now it’s proving to be the same for fall. Celebs have been seen sporting loafers with some denim (p.s. we’ve rounded up our favorite jeans + denim midi skirts) and a classic tee, their favorite fall dresses, and workout sets. When it comes to pairing loafers with socks, you can either go the no-show route to keep them looking sleek, or you can pair them with some chunky, scrunched down socks to further juxtapose the preppy feel.

It truly feels like you can do no wrong with these shoes. They can instantly bring a look together, and make a simple outfit look sleek. They are also a comfortable and practical option for all day wear. From luxury labels, to more affordable options, we’ve found the right pair for everyone.

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