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Lipstick on the Rim: She’s Not Jason Biggs’ Wife, He’s Jenny Mollen’s Husband – The Hilarious Writer & Actress Shares All


Jenny Mollen is hilarious as they come. She’s brutally honest, painstakingly open, and the type of woman we all wish were our friend. A true multi-hyphenate, this actress, comedian, columnist, New York Times bestselling author, and fellow podcaster is a true working mom. Now New York based with her husband Jason Biggs (you might have heard of him), Jenny isn’t interested in being known as his wife. In fact, she’s ready to flip the narrative—from now on, he’s strictly her husband in our book. From the most outrageous procedures she’s tried to her theory on how “May Geminis” are different from “June Geminis,” sit back (and maybe get some popcorn) because you’re in for one hell of a laugh.

[Jenny] On Living in a City of Likes

“I moved to New York from LA. In LA, your currency is fame, so you’re only as cool as the last pilot you shot, but in New York, I came with this weird following. I had a demographic of followers between the ages of 18-35 with a little bit of buying power—I was welcomed into these weird inner circles in New York. These wealthy women who had companies because they weren’t just ladies who lunch, they were ladies who launch. So I was let into all these underground supper clubs and weddings for dogs, high end fashion shows. And I thought ‘I have to write about this but if I do I’m going to be driven out of this city.’”

[Jenny] On Parenting

“I’m super intensely against showing my kids on the internet. For me, a lot of it has to do with that I’m a child of the ‘80s and I’m so paranoid and neurotic. I live in a city where my kids take the subway and they’re on the street. They’re not in a car and in a backyard. That’s not the set-up for me and there’s too much access. I don’t want to turn around one day and have my kids say that I exploited them for comedy which I have done. Not in showing their faces but writing about them. I don’t want to tell their story, I want them to tell their stories. However, I do show what my kids eat. So much of who you are as a parent is a reaction to who you had as a parent.”

Jenny’s Beauty Must-Haves

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