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Lipstick on the Rim: French Girl Style Beauty Edition with the Coolest It Girl in Town, Violette


Paris might be for lovers but it’s also for the fashion and beauty obsessed. Even though she currently resides in Brooklyn, French native Violette (yes, she goes by just her first name) of the esteemed Violette_FR guides us through the very core of what makes Parisian style so damn chic. So why are the French so cool? It’s simple: they’re pursuing happiness. Sounds like we could all learn a thing or two from them. With a deep belief in natural beauty, Violette takes us on a metaphorical tour of her closet, medicine cabinet, and why she’ll always opt for the French pharmacy over the makeup counter at any department store. When it comes to the ultimate must-haves in every French girl’s beauty routine, Violette shares the only five you need. From the perfect red lip to that just-right LBD, we’ll see you in Paris.

[Violette] On the Secret to French Girl Style

“So many people have asked me what the secret it is to French girl style especially since moving to the U.S. seven years ago. I was so puzzled by this question because I was always thinking, ‘what secret?’ I think it’s about lifestyle. In France, our main goal in life is to be happy. It’s not about performance, it’s not about succeeding. It impacts everything—the way we work (we don’t have the same work ethic as Americans). Money is a bit taboo-it’s not chic to talk about it. The way we dress has to be about us and loving ourselves. That’s the goal. How can I love myself? Well, if I’m changing who I am, it’s not going to help me love who I am. It’s really a self-love quest.”

[Violette] On French Girl Beauty

“We want to take care of what Mother Nature gave us so at age 15 our moms take us to dermatologist. And we never go to Sephora to buy makeup we only go to French pharmacies. We only talk to experts—the pharmacists or the dermatologists. So for us, skincare is a very serious thing. Instead of focusing on hiding or improving, even if you have acne or rosacea we’re still going to think it’s better not to have foundation because our skin can breath and heal. We’re going to use a bit of concealer under the eye and that’s it. When it comes to hair we never want to look like we blow dry our hair. We still do but then we sleep on it and the next day it’s just right. Sometimes I braid my hair and the next day I have a nice wave. We like to have a loose hair style and we don’t use too many products. We want healthy hair so we’re going to focus on having a great hair routine like a good shampoo and conditioner.”

The 5-minute, 5-step French face:

1. Great skincare

2. Touch of concealer wherever you want to bring out a bit of brightness

3. Red matte intense lip

4. Mascara

5. Blush but use lipstick as a blush

[Violette] On the French Girl Uniform

“Blue jeans. Then either a button down or a white t-shirt. Always a chic blazer. Gold accessories somewhere—a nice ring or nice earrings but never too big or obvious, just a little accent. Shoes, honestly we can go with Converse or little mules or flats. We love a little black dress but now the trend in Paris is to break it up with a boot or a sneaker.”

Violette’s Beauty Must-Haves

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