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The 7 Essential Items for For Every Sports Mom


If you have very active kids, you definitely fall into the category of a sports mom. Being a sports mom is tons of fun, but that’s not to say that long days of running from back-to-back practices, overtime games, and unpredictable weather can be tiring (and not the most glamorous).

Although your local park or sports field may not seem like the most style-ish of places, there are plenty of opportunities to elevate your sports look. Having a go-to bag of essentials that will prepare you for anything – on or off the field – can take away some of the accompanying stress and allow you to feel and look your best. 

Here are some pro-tips and a list of the best sports tournament must-haves and essentials. 


Since bleachers can be a pain in the back, quite literally, it’s best to come prepared with your own seating. After years of attending tournaments and practices, we’ve learned from the best (aka Molly Sims) and discovered that a Bleacher Seat is essential for staying comfortable during a long game.   


No matter how many times you check the weather app, the climate on the sports field has a mind of its own. BUT unpredictable weather will never catch you off guard again with these tips! Having items for both cool and warm weather can make or break the game experience. 

During the cooler months, a Barefoot Dreams Blanket, cute beanie, and pair of gloves can help keep you cozy during the game. Pro-tip: for the extra cold seasons and winter sports mom, hand warmers are the perfect pocket item for extra warmth and comfort. 

During warmer months, a protective sunscreen is essential to shield your skin from the sun and possibly harmful rays. Along with sunscreen, having an SPF Umbrella can further protect you from UV and UVA rays and ultimately sun damage. Now you can preserve the longevity of your skin, and as a bonus, you’re sure to attract good company under the shade!

Lastly, for the sunnier months, an easily packable hat can be a final form of protection from the sun – and a fashion-forward accessory. 



Snacks (and drinks!) are undoubtedly one of the best parts of the game. The typical sports spread includes chips, salsa, hummus, and veggies, which are great to nosh on during the game. While these classics will suffice, one way to expand on these options is to bring a cooler. The best and most convenient cooler, Yeti TUNDRA COOLER, is the perfect size for all essentials snack and drink related.


This is a must-have for players and sibling supporters and even comes in handy to/for your fellow moms. A First Aid Kid will keep you prepared for anything and is sure to be used at least one time during the season! 


What’s worse than your phone dying before your kid’s first at-bat or goal? Having a Portable Phone Charger will allow you to catch all of the on-field action without worrying about low battery. 


The baseball field can give even the longest-lasting makeup a run for its money, making an on-the-go makeup kit necessary. This is the perfect Makeup Bag for any mid-game touch-ups you may need! A powder, lip balm/color/gloss, and mascara to keep your natural look fresh and clean. 


Lastly, you’ll need a perfect (and dependable) tote bag to carry all of your essentials. Some amazing totes that are sure to withstand any sports event and fit all of the game essentials include these amazing ones from Mark & Graham

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