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Lipstick on the Rim: Ultimate Hosting Secrets with Celebrity Event Planners Stefanie Cove and Neely Shell


If you’ve seen a decadent tablescape recently or an enviable wedding vignette you added to your secret Pinterest board, it’s likely the work of Stefanie Cove and Company. The Los Angeles-based event design and production conglomerate has quickly become the leading force, globally (and no doubt the chicest) in the party space. Known for her refined taste and thoughtful creativity, clients turn to Stefanie and her team to bring a flick of an idea into a grand reality that goes far beyond expectations. From hosting tricks and hostess gifts, ultimate decor hacks and themed moodboards, Stefanie Cove and her partner in crime Neely Shell will have you throwing parties like a pro in no time—this summer and beyond.

[Stefanie and Neely] On Curating Weddings and Events

“We need to know who we’re working for. With Molly since we’ve worked together for so long, we usually only need a few words and we know what to do. Whether it’s architecture, florals, a theme, jokes—whatever it is to tell us about their personality, we can then start an inspiration to help find that theme or what it is that we’re going to put together. What kind of food do you like? What kind of drinks do you order at a bar? Even if you’re not hiring someone, it’s a good way of looking at it yourself to get inspiration beyond the typical ‘party’ inspiration.”

[Stefanie and Neely] On Hostess Gifts

“I think you should bring a gift and wine has sort of been done. We have a friend that owns a company called The Ark Elements which has everything from candles to platters to flatware. You can put together a cute little curated gift from her and it’s so personalized since you’re giving it to the hostess. It’s a little more special. I think there are some beautiful glasses out there right now. I like to give a box of four beautiful white wine glasses that can also be used for champagne. I’m ready to see flutes go away. I like gifting glasses because people can build on that collection.”

[Stefanie and Neely] On Hosting 101

Best decor: Burke Decor

Best themed decor: Bonjour Fête

Number-one event planning tip: Trust who you hire

Favorite vases: The Ark Elements 

Favorite glasses for an event: Thin and stemless

Most underrated item at an event: The photobooth—we need a new twist

Go-to cocktail: Champagne and dirty martini

Event trends you hate right now: Gender reveal parties

Square or round tables: Square

Long or individual tables: Long or a mix

Source of inspiration: Architecture and museums

Best caterers in NY and LA: Annie Campbell, Woah Nelly, Feast and Fêtes, Paula LeDuc, and Curtis Stone 

Stefanie and Neely’s Hosting Must-Haves:

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