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How To Master The Perfect Date Night Makeup Look

By Michelle Rostamian

Whether date night calls for a classic dinner and a movie or a casual night in with your girls, one thing is for sure: your makeup has got to be on point. Lacking the inspo? We chatted with MAC Cosmetics’s Senior National Artis Gisel Calvillo to learn everything from how to prep the skin for a long-lasting finish down to how to kissproof your lip color.

Below, find out how to achieve a sultry, romantic date night look from A to Z.


1. Prep Your Skin

Any beauty buff knows that your makeup is only as good as your skincare. That being said, Calvillo warns against trying any new product or ingredient before the big night (or any special event, really). Instead, stick to a simple routine to ward off any adverse reactions that could impede on your final look. This includes washing your face and applying a gentle moisturizer and eye cream, says Calvillo. If you plan on wearing a matte lip color, now would be the time to pop on a skin-softening lip mask.

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2. Prime Your Base

While face primers are a debated step in the makeup world, Calvillo says they’re a great way to ensure your makeup lasts all night. Where most people go wrong in their application it really comes down to how much product they’re using.

“You don’t need a lot of face primer—one pea-size amount is enough for a full face,” she says.

In terms of where to apply, she says to focus on the center of the face where pores are more visible if you’re using a pore-minimizing primer, or across your t-zone if you’re using a primer to mattify.

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3. Choose Foundation Wisely

As with everything makeup-related, the foundation you choose comes down to personal preference. That said, Calvillo recommends going for a natural-looking formula. “The idea is to create a very light veil of base onto skin so that your complexion products and skin appear uniform and last throughout the evening,” she explains. “If you have any blemishes or areas that need more perfecting, you can use a concealer to the correct skin tone.”

4. Go Smokey On The Eyes

Nothing screams “date night” more than a sultry smokey eye, but if you’re blending challenged, Calvillo says to go for a creamy eye pencil for a quick five-minute eye look. “Start by lining the eyes with the pencil, making sure to keep the thickness on the outer corner,” she says.

Then, using the same pencil, follow along your lower lash line to make your eyes pop.

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5. Lift Your Lashes

Long, fluttery lashes are always on the makeup menu for a romantic date. Calvillo says to wiggle the mascara brush from root to tip to enhance fullness. If you’re really looking to build volume, let the formula dry in between coats. You’re welcome.

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6. Enhance Your Glow

Up your glow with a gel-to-powder blush-highlighter hybrid formula—they’re less likely to cake up on your skin (and more likely to illuminate your complexion).

To apply, use a soft hand and a fluffy powder brush to gently sweep the color onto the apples of your cheeks blending upwards.

7. Go Matte On the Lips

When it comes to your lip color, Calvillo recommends avoiding anything too sticky or easy to remove, as “this will allow you to not have to touch up your lipstick throughout your date,” she says. Instead, go for a lip stain that delivers color and longevity.

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8. Set It and Forget It

A makeup spray is the perfect finishing touch—not only does it seamlessly melt all of your products together, but it ensures your makeup stays looking fresh and glowing all day. Go for a makeup spray that has a lightweight feel and a hydrating finish to improve the look (and wear) of your makeup.

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