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3 Foods That Could Be Doing Harm To Your Skin


Admittedly, whether we’re craving a snack or a full meal: the first thing we reach for is usually not based on our aesthetic goals. “For most of us, making daily food choices revolves around caloric intake or fat, and often overlooks skin and hair health all together,” says Nicole DeVincentis, MPA, PA, at Glowtox in New York City. (…Guilty!)

“My motto is always try to include foods that contain powerful antioxidants such as Beta Carotene and vitamins C, E, and Omegas,” says DeVincentis. “Not only do these things help your skin look better, they also help you feel better which is directly correlated to how we look.”

She has a point.

The skin is the biggest organ that our bodies have, and it surely needs the right nutrition, too.

Beyond specific vitamins and minerals, as a kind reminder: “Something that I find works well for most people is ensuring you’re eating food that comes from the earth,” says Geneva Stockdale-Shaw, Esthetician and Founder of The OC Esthetician in San Clemente, Calif. “Minimizing processed food can help diminish oils that are highly processed and other items like food dyes and flavors.” 

Without further ado, here’s a quick cheat sheet of some foods that could be doing harm to your skin — and exactly what to replace them with.



“Dairy products are very inflammatory and will cause inflammation throughout the body and in the skin for anyone, but especially those who suffer from acne, or rosacea,” says DeVincentis. “My favorite substitution for this is Hemp Milk which is also suitable with those who have nut allergies.

It is very thick and rich and contains high levels of Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and zinc which are all a great benefit to skin health in general.”



“Caffeine is very dehydrating and our skin cells are made up of a lot of water.  Losing water will make our skin appear dry, wrinkled and not plump,” says DeVincentis. “Start your day with 16 oz. of water. It is a very easy thing to do to get a jump on your daily consumption. You will see the difference very quickly!”



Fatty Red Meats

“Fatty Red Meats which contain high saturated Fats and cholesterol cause inflammation and can cause or exacerbate acne as well as offering no benefit to enhancing your skin’s appearance,” says DeVincentis. “If you must eat meat, opt for lean choices. An even better option is fish that are rich in Omegas such as salmon, tuna and sardines.”

DeVincentis gives her last parting words of advice, as it pertains to a healthy epidermis. “I always put my patients on a Vitamin A, C, E regimen at a minimum, but it is just as important to ingest these items as food,” she says, “Berries, Nuts and seeds should always be around for snacking.

Now make a few changes and get glowing!

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