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Lipstick On The Rim: The Checklist Every Girl Needs With Celebrity OB-GYN Dr. Michelle Hakakha


With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we thought it would be the perfect time to sit down with Molly’s longtime OB-GYN and good friend, Dr. Michele Hakakha. Dr. Hakakha is a nationally recognized OB-GYN, and she is here to answer all your burning questions. We’re discussing pregnancy tips, misconceptions, and exactly what to expect postpartum. She’s sharing the checklist you never knew you needed and major tips on how to teach your daughters about feminine healthcare. Also, we should mention, she is the stylish, hot doctor you’ve always wanted.

[Michele] On Pregnancy 

Firstly, Molly and Emese drool Dr. Hakakha Aquazzura Tequila Flat Sandals. Emese mentions how she has been watching them for months and seeing them on Michele makes her realize she might need them (immediately). Molly & Emese then jump right into pregnancy questions. Dr. Hakakha shares her pregnancy tips if you’re having a c-section. She explains, “don’t eat or drink anything right before because you delay everything. And secondly, call your doctor.”

[Michele] On Advice For Looking For A Doctor

Michele mentions that finding a great Doctor, that is a great fit for you, is key. Her advice on finding that Doctor is, “to call the best hospital in the area and ask for the charge nurse. Once you have the charge nurse ask for recommendations. That will be the easiest and quickest way because they will have the best recommendations.” She also mentions that a person can be a great Doctor but have terrible bedside manners, so it’s important you do your research. “You can also ask friends or family in the area and get their opinion,” says Hakakha.

[Michele] On Pregnancy Misconceptions

Molly asks Michele what the biggest pregnancy misconceptions are, and Michele answers, “that you can get pregnant whenever you want to. It’s harder to have babies in your 40’s, and I hate having these conversations they’re never fun. But if you’re 35, I do recommend freezing your eggs if you want to have children later.”

[Michele] On How She Helps Patients Wanting To Get Pregnant

“When I first see a patient who wants to get pregnant, I do a full scan. I check medication, vitamins and I do an in-depth family history check on the woman and partner. I check for any genetic patterns in their history that we should be aware of.” She also mentions that it, “shouldn’t be stressful. I tell my patients to go grab a drink after she meets with them, and if you arent getting pregnant after 6 months come back and see me.”

[Michele] On How To Teach Your Daughters

Emese asks Dr. Hakakha when she should start bringing her daughters in for checkups. Dr. Hakakha recommends to, “bring them in around 14 or 15 unless their period hasn’t started, then bring them earlier.” Emese also follows up with, “How do I teach my daughters about feminine healthcare and how do I talk to them about it?”. Hakakha answers, “the best time to talk to them is when you pick them up from school. And I’ve found that when they ask a question, answer the question, and then stop talking. Give them time to process the answer. Answer very factually and let them process all the information.”

[Michele] On A Feminine Healthcare Checklist

Michele states that the two Doctors every woman needs are: a gynecologist and an internist. Dr. Hakakha says to see your gynecologist once a year for routine checkups and make sure you start getting mammograms when you’re 40 and colonoscopies when you’re 45.

[Michele] On The Biggest Mistake Women Make When Young

Molly asks Michele, “what are the biggest mistakes women make when they’re younger?” Michele answers, “they do things that they feel have no bearing on their future.” She goes on to mention things like smoking, not using condoms, and going to sleep with makeup on can all lead to consequences in a woman’s future that they don’t always think about.

[Michele] Balancing Motherhood & Her Career

Emese asks Michele how she balances being a working mom.  Michele explains, “to make them (her children) feel special, I always remind them that being with them is the most important part of my day.” She describes how it’s been hard having to cancel planned events with them due to the nature of her job, “but if you keep perspective on everything they’ll be grateful for it later in life. As they grow up they realize what you’re doing, and the people I’ve been helping. And now they love my job.”

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