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The 7 Wedding Party Trends That Are Taking Over For This Year

By Stefanie Cove

We’re making plans, putting on real shoes – lipstick for sure. It’s time to plan the wedding that was on-hold and scout the upcoming trends that are emerging for the year 2021and 2022. We are breaking down color palettes, guest lists, floral inspirations and how this is the season of “anything goes”.

It’s a new beginning and all bets are off! After spending a year cooped up at home, brides everywhere will be looking to shine. They’re choosing fun colors, bold prints, fashionable cuts, and trendy embellishments to make their big day memorable.

And as you do, take note of these seven trends that will make the wedding party design as seamless and as on trend as possible.


A Strong Lip Leads the Way

After a year of mask-wearing, lipstick is leading the way for the 2021 wedding season. Couples are relaxing mask mandates with rapid testing, and in some cases requiring vaccinations. The past years our eyes have taken precedence given it was the only visible part of our face, but a lip is the new leading lady that demands attention.

Traditionally brides will choose a lipstick over a gloss for guaranteeing long-lasting wear. We are even seeing guests follow this trend. Personally, I love a more natural pink lip, like Yves Saint Laurent Melon Dor, but I’m seeing more brides interested in exploring a bold lip color this season.


There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Color

Coming out of the pandemic, we’re taking risks more than ever and that’s showing up in bouquets and centerpieces this wedding season.

It’s an explosion of color in the best way possible.

Use your favorite hues in unexpected places such as tying in color into layers on the table, including linens, glassware and china wear. We are seeing that white roses are a thing of the past and many wedding go-ers are embracing bright colors such as coral mixed with orange, creams and even a little yellow and blue. Think lush, full petaled, voluminous flowers such as peonies, gorgeous garden flowers, dahlias and more. We are loving this direction of fun contrasting colors and unusual floral pairings.


Gia Canali Photography


Vowing to Save The Planet 

Brides and grooms are also doing their part to help reduce the carbon footprint. We’re fielding requests for vegan menus and are being asked to use sustainable products. On the big day, many brides are hoping that their walk down the aisle is the only footprint left behind. And, in lieu of material gifts, many couples are asking for donations to their favorite environmentally friendly causes.

Here are a few ways you can make your wedding sustainable:

  • Making more minimalist type of center pieces.
  • Source food from small farms. That way you know how the animals are treated.
  • There are options on Etsy to have your invitation be made of seed paper. Instead of throwing it away you can plant it.
  • If seed paper isn’t your thing, you can also send out invitations and save the dates electronically through websites such as Paperless Post or Minted.
  • During dinner service, instead of single printed menus opt for one big piece of art and board to reduce waste. Opt for reusable glass, chalkboard, or acrylic signage, and recycle materials.
  • Use cruelty-free zero waste makeup products during your bridal makeup session.

The Season of “Anything Goes” Type of Style

The virtual runways are full of a broad spectrum of wedding dresses this season. And the brides we work with are stepping into everything from custom fairytale gowns to minimalist dresses. After quarantining for over a year, women are coming out with a stronger sense of personal style and that’s translating to their big day.

It’s impossible to pinpoint the “right” style for a 2021 wedding dress.

Not to mention, you may be seeing a void of high heels with wedding dresses as many of our upcoming brides are carrying the 2020 style trend of rocking mules, embellished sandals and evening slides. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we are entering 2021 with comfort.




Women Supporting Women

Designing the perfect wedding (or any event, really) starts with finding the best talent in the business. From food to flowers and everything in between, brides are coming out of lock-down and asking for women-owned businesses to be part of her day.

As professional planners, we’re always conscious of supporting diversity among our vendors, and now we’re starting to hear how this is important to our clients too.  Check out these five women-owned flower farms that deliver bouquets nationwide.


Smaller Guest Lists

This year you are going to see smaller guest lists take precedence over big and grand weddings. With smaller guests lists, this allows the engaged couple to create a more intimate setting and truly get to spend more time with each individual attending their celebration.

This also allows you to spoil and impress your guests with customizable trinkets and welcome packages that may have been too expensive to include if you had over a 100+ guests. Couples in 2021 are looking to take a more simplified approach to their weddings and realizing that less is more and quality over quantity.


Non-Traditional Registry

We say this year go rouge with the registry. Couples have been opting out of classic gifts like fancy dishes and stand mixers and trading that in for experiences. We have found that the modern couple would rather have their guests contribute to a honeymoon fund or donate to their favorite charity rather than receiving expensive dinner silverware that is rarely used.



Based in Los Angeles with over 15 years of experience, Stefanie Cove recently founded Stefanie Cove and Co., producing notable, full-service events around the globe. Stefanie and her team create uniquely inspired social events, high-end galas, nuptials and private dinners for high-profile clients and brands. 

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