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5 Expert-Approved Techniques to Debloat Overnight

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Point blank: bloating is a bummer. Between feeling uncomfortable, not fitting into clothes as intended, and the irritation that comes with both of these issues, it’s easy to see why you might cancel plans based on the status of your tough tummy. 

Fret no more (and keep your plans)! There are some easy ways to debloat overnight. We spoke with a few experts to gather their insights, and they definitely delivered.

Read on for simple and quick ways to get your bloating under control in a pinch.


Sip Some Tea

Pinkies up! “Lemon balm tea can be a soothing beverage that helps kick the bloat to the curb,” says Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD, CLE, at Nutrition Now in Charleston, SC. “Some reports show that drinking lemon balm tea can help relieve bloating.”

Looking for a sweet sip? “Adding some 100% manuka honey can offer an additional anti-bloat benefit,” she says. “Manuka honey has been shown to combat the growth of gas-producing bacteria — like e.coli— giving you a 1-2 punch in the bloat department.”


Stop Chewing Gum & Drinking From Straws

Although it might seem like chewing gum is helping to curb your appetite, it’s doing you a disservice when it comes to bloating. “When you chew gum you are swallowing large amounts of air which creates bloating,” says Lisa Young, PhD, RDN, the author of Finally Full, Finally Slim.

On that note, quit drinking beverages out of a straw! “Swallowing air can cause bloating,” she says. “Drinking through a straw leads to a larger amount of swallowed air as opposed to simply drinking from a glass.”  


Take A Trip To The Sauna

When in doubt, sweat it out. “An immediate benefit of a sauna is water weight loss,” says Alexis Perkins, Founder and Creative Director of Chair One Fitness in Suffolk, VA. “If you want to intensify this, wear a sauna suit. It will rid your body of toxins and bloating.”


Do a Few Yoga Poses

Even if you’re not a full-blown yogi, try a three-legged Cat & Cow. “A great move to relieve pressure, Three-Legged Cat/Cow reduces bloating by stretching and contracting your belly,” says Jess Gronholm – Founder of HIIT & Run Yoga. “Start on your hands and knees, knees underneath your hips and palms under your shoulders. As you inhale, turn your gaze up and arch the back of your body, at the same time extending your right leg back, bending your knee as if you could touch your toes to your head. Then on the exhale let your head drop, rounding your back, drawing your knee in as you bring your palms into the floor. Repeat this sequence 8 times on each side.”


Buy Relief In A Bottle

“While supplements are not the direct answer to GI or digestion issues, they’re good for temporary relief,” says May Zhu, RD, LDN, at Nutrition Happens, in Chicago. “When it comes to bloating and excess gas, I’m a big fan of Hilma’s Gas Relief Blend made from ingredients like caraway seeds, fennel, and peppermint leaves — all ingredients that help naturally decrease gas. 

Try these solutions when you’re trying to combat bloat, and feel like yourself again in no time!

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