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The Best Swimsuits For Every Body Type, Period

By Danielle Naer

Swim season is drawing nearer and nearer (finally, something to look forward to) — and that means it’s time to do a quick run-through of your swimsuit lineup from past years. You’ll want to keep an eye out for what’s trended out or lost its shape, but more importantly, which suits make you feel your absolute best. (If any suits don’t, be prepared to show them the “donate” pile.)

According to a 2021 survey by PopSugar, only 1 in 50 women feel great in a swimsuit — with a whopping 11 in 50 expressing that they feel “extremely uncomfortable.” In short: those days are over. We’ve built out a comprehensive guide to finding the best swimsuits for every body type because nobody should feel any less than their best when hitting the beach or lounging poolside.

Browse the assortment by body type below:


TRIANGLE -SHAPED: Balconette Bikini Top & Mid-Rise Bottom

As any bustier woman will tell you, support is the ever-important factor when shopping for swimwear. That’s where balconette styles come in — they’re trend-forward and feature the necessary underwire to give you that awesome lift. Pair it with a mid-rise bikini bottom with a slightly-cheeky cut for a look that’s sure to embrace your curves and draw some heart eyes.

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RECTANGULAR: Triangle Bikini Top & Low-Rise Bottoms

For those with athletic builds whose figures are rectangular in shape, wearing a bikini top with triangular cups can add depth to your upper-half. Low-rise bottoms with hipster cuts are extra-flattering for women in this group with shorter torsos, as they draw out your hip area for a longer look.

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APPLE-SHAPED: Tankini Top & Basic Bottoms

Apple-shaped body types tend to have fuller midsections with long, slender legs. You’ll want to accent everything from your bikini line, down — which a pair of simple swim bottoms will help with. Consider going with a boisterous print to give your curves a little zhoosh.


HOURGLASS: One Piece With High-Cut Leg


Hourglass figures tend to feature an elongated torso and narrower waistline, which one-piece will complement perfectly. Go for a high-cut style (as to offer tons of leg cleavage and avoid constricting your hip area). Pro tip: a plunging neckline can add a flirty twist to the trad swimwear style.

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PEAR-SHAPED: Statement Top Bikini


Women with pear-shaped figures tend to run narrow in the waist and shoulders and have fuller bottom-halves. To create a balance, you’ll want a suit that’s boisterous on top, whether with a ruffled V-neck bikini top or a balloon-shouldered bandeau. As for the bottom-half: keep as simple as possible and avoid adding extra fabric to the area.

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