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Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Hormones

By Jordan Geller, MD

You finally got your roots done and snuck away with the family for a few days. The kids are online. You are settling into the new normal and now it’s time to assess the damage. Your sleep, your relationship with food, your home, and work balance all demand some attention. Moreover, the medical establishment is knocking at your door. Yes, mammograms, colonoscopies, wellness check-ups, etc are all important but do not neglect your hormones!

You didn’t get Covid so that’s great but there are other things to consider on the TeleMed call with your doctor that has now replaced your annual exam. You are tired, your sleep sucks and you put on the dreaded Covid-15. You’re “just” having two or three glasses of wine each day but otherwise, your diet is perfect. Or is it? You have zero libido. Nothing. Sound familiar? We are just getting started… Bloating, feeling cold all the time, your skin is dry and now you’ve developed the dreaded “mask-ne”. And of course, your periods are all over the place. If you are like most patients, your doctor will probably tell you you just need some rest and to take an antidepressant which they will gladly prescribe before you’ve even paid your bill.

“Hormones are like icing on the evolutionary cake.”

With some exceptions, we don’t always need them to live but need them to live well. Hormones are chemical messengers that travel through the bloodstream. They are stored in glands throughout the body including the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and ovaries just to name a few. Hormones help regulate our energy, metabolism, blood sugar, digestion, fat storage, sexual development, libido, and so much more.

More often than not, when I see a patient with a hormone imbalance, they do not have a disease in their glands. Rather, their hormones are messed up from external factors such as stress, poor diet, toxins, and inflammation to just name a few.

“WTF !- You mean I did this to myself?? Can’t you just give me some hormones and fix this?”

Not so fast. Certainly, there are times when taking hormones is appropriate. But first, we should always consider treating the underlying cause and getting the body back in balance. This includes emotional balance.

Your hormones gave you adulthood, libido, fertility, strength, and vitality. They have taken care of you and now it’s time for you to take care of them. If you suspect you have a hormone imbalance then do yourself a favor and find a competent Endocrinologist who will take the time to talk with you and do the appropriate testing.


Dr. Geller is a board-certified Endocrinologist specializing in the diagnosis and management of complex hormone disorders. He earned his medical degree from the University of Southern California and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He also completed an NIH fellowship in Clinical Research and was the past Clinical Chief of the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Geller has lectured at national symposia and authored numerous publications in the field of Endocrinology.  Geller Endocrinology and Internal Medicine has offices in Los Angeles and Palm Beach. 

*Disclaimer: Dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA and cannot be sold for the treatment, prevention, mitigation, or cure of diseases or conditions associated with known diseases.

photo credit: @mandymadd

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