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How To Nail A Spa-Like Experience In Your Home

By Schaeffer Carrillo

One thing I’ve learned from months at home: A bathtub is a sanctuary. Close the door, light a candle or some incense, and turn on the water. No matter what is going on in the rest of your house, you have now created your own spa. Here are a few of my favorite ways to bring your A-game to your new spa.


Setting the Scene:

Turn the bathtub into a spa without spending the spa membership price. It’s all about white fluffy towels, a super soft robe to wrap ourselves in, and slippers that feel like a cozy blanket. Comfort and softness are key. These items set the scene and create a space of solitude. To create the ultimate spa-like evening, invest in a wooden bathroom caddy that is multi-functional. Equipped with a holder for a book, and of course, the 5 pm glass of wine. There is now no excuse to ever leave the bathtub and this beautiful moment of tranquility.


Scenting the Room:

Recreate the sensory experience you have when leaving the spa. To gain that desirable spa aroma you’ll need sea-based diffusers, candles, or misters. While relaxing in your bathtub, you will be immersed in the therapeutic scent in the air. If spa scents tend to be too overwhelming then a great alternative is Diptyque candles. A sensational smelling candle that comes at a steep price, but without a doubt worth every penny.

photo courtesy of @isabel.lately


Add-In Bath Oils:

Although warm bath water can feel heavenly and relaxing, it can also wreak havoc on the skin. Bath oils are a great addition to a bath to protect the skin and keep it silky soft. To mix it up, use Epsom Salt to restore and replenish the skin within bathing. Multi-task while in the tub by throwing on a pair illuminating eye patches or a deep hydration face mask. Become instantly transported into what feels like a full-body spa treatment.


Creating A Mood:

Dim the lights and play mediation sounds on low. Lighting and sound are important for creating a spa-like sanctuary. Dim lighting sets the tone for relaxation while the mediation sounds will ease the mind. Allow the body to succumb to full tranquility and peace. The outside world can be put on pause for a minute longer.


Pick Up A Good Book & A Glass of Wine:

No phones allowed. A good bath is all about resetting the mind, body, and soul. Pick up the book we’ve been putting off reading and pour a much-deserved glass of Pinot. Place the head softly against a padded spa pillow and succumb to the bathtub bliss of indescribable comfort.

photo courtesy of @lefreaks_


Lastly, Add-In Nature Elements:

Throw a Eucalyptus branch in a vase and place it in the corner of the bathroom. Adding in natural elements, such as plants, stones, or even pieces of wood will bring calm and peace to the body.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

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