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Beauty Scoop 9.10

By Molly Sims

Every week I share what’s in my beauty arsenal. From the new to the old, to the products I just can’t live without. I do the research for you. xx

  • Kosas The Big Clean Volumizing + Lash Care Mascara: Who doesn’t want a big, bold lash to start the day and lead into the night. This mascara gives you instant bombshell lashes with their oversized rainbow brush. The best part: this mascara also supports the natural lash growth and repair cycle by containing nourishing ingredients that protect and lengthen lashes. Win-win.

  • Cle De Peau Hydro-Softening Lotion: Although expensive, it’s worth every penny. This beautiful lotion hydrates smooths and protects. A multi-benefit lotion that leaves me with a vibrant and even-toned skin. Every morning and every night your skin will thank you for the instant boost of radiance.

  • Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick: 18 shades of pure gorgeousness. Gucci always kills in with their beauty products but I specifically love how their packaging emulates a 1940s dressing table. My new favorite hydrating lipstick that is my go-to lip for a quick flush of color. The Goldie Red I die for.

  • Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Gothique Metallic Lipstick: When you want to be fun and bold you go metallic. I love this.

  • Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat Matte Lipstick: A soft, velvety lip in a sleek tube — what could be better? When I want an intense, matte finish I grab for this one.

  • Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter: I will never get over this highlighter and its beautiful color. It is literally TOO GOOD. Infused with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that leaves a plumped and radiant finish on my cheeks. For an extra shine, dab onto your eyes and the highest points of your face.


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