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The Best Primers For Every Skin Type + Concern

I have received this question time and time again … How do you get your makeup to LAST so long?! I’ve always believed in starting with a strong foundation, not the foundation you’re thinking about. I’m talking about your base… a good primer. The key to a good primer is to pick the right one for your skin type and skin goals so let’s get right in it.

The Best Primers For Every Skin Type + Concern

Primers For Every Skin Type:

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask– You’ve seen me talk about this product time and time again … believe the hype. I don’t know how Marianna & Lauren did it but they truly created an incredible product. At first I used it as a mask under my eyes and saw insane results. My dry and puffy eyes all of a sudden looked like I had a full 8 hours of sleep in them. Then I used it as a sleeping mask where I woke up with baby soft skin. I heard that you can also use it as a primer by putting it on your clean, dry face and then let it sit and then apply your makeup. I kid you not, my makeup went on flawlessly and I was glowing with hydration.

BareMinerals PrimeTime- Great for almost all skin types especially normal, dry and mature skin types. It’s made to go with powder so it’s extra moisturizing. It doesn’t emphasize dry patches the way others do. Has a velvety finish, minimizes appearance of pores and wrinkles and it’s loaded with antioxidant vitamins and soothing plant extracts to give anti-aging benefits.

Dior Diorskin Forever & Ever– Also great for all skin types! Your foundation will stay looking awesome for hours and hours thanks to a holding polymer. Its blurring effect hides everything from fine lines and pores to blemishes and redness which is great for mature, sensitive and oily skin types. It has a matte finish but not extremely — just keeps excess oils from seeping through.

Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer–  This primer seems to be one of the top selling primers. Its purpose is to be anti-aging but it is still better than other for many reasons. It boats CoQ10 and a selection of antioxidants so it is certain to help fade fine lines and wrinkles over time. It also instantly smoothes out any skin imperfections including large pores, blemishes and lines.

Best Illuminating Makeup Primers:

MAC Strobe Cream– This is the OG highlighting primer. It leaves a gorgeous sheen behind without looking like a disco ball. It’s lightly moisturizing and dial for normal and dry skin types. I’d recommend to only apply the primer on the highlight points of the face and use a different primer on other parts of the face to make a sheer and dewy finish.

Becca Backlight– Another great highlighting primer. It’s an excellent silicone-free option for anyone with normal to dry skin that wants an illuminated effect to their skin. It’s great for both fair and dark skin tones. Use it all over your face for a “glow” or apply it to the high points of your face for a subtle highlight.

Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Elixir Weightless Beauty Oil – Just like the Jet Lag Mask, this is a multi-purpose product. It primes, highlights and hydrates all in one step. You can use it as your moisturizer or as a primer. I like to mix it with my foundation to make my makeup go on flawlessly. Don’t be afraid of oils, especially this one. It won’t make you feel greasy but will leave you hydrated.

The Best Primers For Every Skin Type + Concern

Best Oil-Control Makeup Primers:

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer–  The silicone-based primer is the perfect amount of mattifying. It leaves your skin satiny soft and the pores are virtually invisible. Because of the oil-absorbing capabilities, it prevents your face from getting shiny or oily as the day goes on.

Benefit’s Porefessional — This is the first primer that comes to mind when you think about pore-minimizing. This will control the oiliest of skin types. It’s also ideal for when you’re traveling to somewhere tropical or humid and it’s extra hot.

Smashbox PhotoFinish Smooth & Blur Primer  — This is everything that you need out of a mattifying primer. It ‘ll help your makeup last forever, make your pores tiny and prevent your skin from getting oily throughout the day. If you have oily skin, this will be your saving grace. But if you’re on the trier side, wait for your cream to sink in and then sweep it on. If your skin is really dry… it might be too matte for you and you should opt for something more hydrating.

Making your makeup last is not ONLY about the primer… it’s also about the setting spray. And that’s something I’m going to share with you next week. My favorite sprays, do they work and are they worth it. Make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss it!



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