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Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide

Cabo San Lucas is my family’s favorite vacation spot! All of our friends and their kids vacation there for winter and spring break so it’s always a party. It’s not just an adult trip, but the kids have a blast as well.

I have received SO many questions about my travels to Cabo and I really feel like most of my travel guides, especially this one is is a long time coming. This is the city that my family has the time of their lives in, we really thrive in Cabo! Now, I’m giving you my extensive travel guide to my favorite place in the world, Cabo San Lucas!


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El Dorado Beach Club

Normally I wouldn’t say that where you stay for a vacation is important but in this case, where you stay in Mexico is crucial. Being safe is our number one priority especially after everything you hear in the news. Our family has a home at El Dorado Golf & Beach Club but unfortunately, it’s not a hotel. But we always hotel hop especially when our friends are in town. Here’s some of the best.

Chileno Bay Beach Club

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One & Only Palmilla

The Chileno Bay Beach Club is very new to Cabo and everyone has been raving about it! The resort is beyond stunning and very family friendly! It is home to Cabo’s largest swimmable beach and a Tom-Fazio 18-hole golf course. Honestly, if we didn’t have a house here, I’d be all over this place! We came to visit some friends the last time and had the time of our lives!

The One & Only Palmilla is an OG but it is really just timeless. It is located on a secluded bluff overlooking the Sea of Cortez and has the best spa! If you want to go to the hotel where celebrities like Steven Tyler and John Travolta hit, this one is for you.


Esperanza, an Auberge Resort

Cape Thompson Hotel

The Cape A Thompson Hotel

Esperanza, an Auberge Resort is the spot to stay if you’re going on a honeymoon! Their sea-to-table food, spa and an infinity pool! Make sure you hit up the tequila bar, it’s our favorite!

The Cape A Thompson Hotel is a place where all the hip and cool millennials stay and I don’t blame them! Scott and I love to stop by there and grab a drink when we feel like escaping (sorry kids). They truly have great service and you’ll get your money’s worth. And better yet, I believe each room looks out to the iconic arch of Cabo “El Arco.” If you decide to stay here, score one of the rooms with a daybed on the terrace, you’ll thank me later!


Although I said where you stay is crucial to the best Cabo experience, so is where you eat! I’ve spent my fare share of time here and I honestly can never get over the food, or the cocktails.

Flora Farms

Acre Baja

Other than the restaurants at El Dorado, Flora Farms is our favorite place to eat while we’re in town. They bring farm to table like you’ve never seen. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen it before. It’s the most incredible venue with whimsical tree lights. They also have a grocery store that is amazing where you can bring back the fresh food to your hotel. Not only can you pick up produce and products, but the Market by Flora Farm has live workshops where you can take cooking and art classes. Make sure you have a reservation beforehand if you want to eat at the field kitchen!

Acre Baja is another great farm to table restaurant. I’ve heard that Acre and Flora are competitors. They grow most of what they serve which is important to me since we try to stay away from as much processed food as possible! Not only is the food incredible, but so is the atmosphere. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by palm trees and massive foliage! It’s a must see while you’re in town! Unfortunately, children are not welcome there so you’d either have to leave them at your hotel’s kids club or make this an adult trip.

Outpost is owned by Flora Farms so you know that it’s going to be good! They have an incredible rooftop (you guys know how much I love a rooftop) where you can sip on incredible cocktails and tapas! Environment is big to me while I’m on vacation! I need to have a great atmosphere where I’m eating because that’s what it’s all about. Make sure you order the Damiana Kiss and Hibiscus Margarita, you can thank me later! Oh, and ladies drink for free from 7pm-11pm… girls night anyone?! 😉



La Lupita Taco & Mezcal

Edith’s is yet another restaurant with an incredible aesthetic to accompany the food, which is obviously incredible! Definitely opt for the table side Caesar salad– I’m not a Caesar girl but this is the only place where I make an exception. They truly have great authentic Mexican food! Although we’re in Cabo and Mexican food is everywhere, it’s hard to find authentic Mexican food since a lot of it has been Americanized. Definitely finish the meal with some Mexican coffee and Banana Fosters!

La Lupita Taco & Mezcal has the single best tacos that you will ever have! I recommend the classic Baja fish tacos with a side of guacamole. If you’re looking to be adventurous, try the duck tacos and grasshopper appetizer! As soon as the sun sets, the band comes out and you’ll leave dancing with a stomach full of tacos and tequila!


Okay, this list wouldn’t be complete without my favorite shops. I honestly don’t do too much shopping while I’m here just because the beach is so beautiful. Plus, my kids swim from sunrise to sunset that by the time I have a second of alone time, I either hop in the shower or try to tap for 45 seconds. But when I do shop, these are the spots I like to hit.

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Santo Cabo

Las Ventanas Resort has a great gift shop that my friends and I love to run to every chance we get! You will find some hidden gems every time you go.

Santo Cabo has a few brick and mortar locations including the one at Flora Farms! I absolutely love coming here to get their natural, organic non-toxic and locally sourced products. There’s a range of baby product, avocado massage oil and so much more. You can bet that I stock up every chance I get.

The Shoppes at Palmilla is a great spot to spend the day! You can shop, go to the spa and have lunch while you’re there. They only downside is that nearly everything has a designer price tag but truly has some amazing stuff!

Kid Friendly Activities

Cabo is such a kid-friendly city that I rarely have trouble when I bring them and they’re never bored. We do our best to tire them out that by the end of the day, they’re begging us to go to bed as opposed to the other way around.

Take a boat ride to the El Arco. This is the signature landmark for Cabo so if neither you nor your kids have seen it before, it’s a must. You can do this a few ways but it’s only accessible by boat. You can either rent a boat yourself, on a tour or via a water taxi. There’s a combo tour available where you stop at El Arco, take a shopping trip, tequila tasting and go snorkeling. Or if you’re a smaller and young (with babies, I mean) family like us, I would charter a private boat so you can move at your leisure. It’s really all just up to what resonates best for your family.

ATV Tour + Horseback Riding Combo. This is a tourist favorite! But my kids are definitely too young for this so we haven’t taken them so far. Like I said above, cater your trip to what your family enjoys doing and the ages that they’re at. I believe you have to be at least 4 years old to do this tour and they recommend that kids under 12 years old and 100 lbs ride with their parents.

Surfing. In the summer, Brooks loves to take surfing lessons in the Hamptons. I don’t want my kids to be afraid to try water or snow sports so I really just let them dive in, with an instructor of course. Cabo has some amazing surf schools, I would just ask your concierge which one is the best and the closest.

And then obviously, we keep our kids busy with lots of swimming, snorkeling and playing tennis! They constantly have something to do and when the adults want to go play, we let them hang out at the kids club. 😉 Which is crucial… ALWAYS make sure your hotel has a great kids club!

On a final note, be safe and be cautious! Don’t go anywhere too late and go in groups. Before you depart for Cabo, check if your hotel has a car service that will take you to and from the hotel from the airport.

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