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Let’s Talk About… Wellness

Have you guys been enjoying my “Let’s Talk About” series? I’m having so much fun with it because it’s my way to connect with all of you. I love seeing what aspects of my life interest you and different ways I can help you in your day to day lives. Since the new year is less than a week away, I thought that wellness would be the best topic to ring in 2018. I received a lot of questions from you guys with this one and I tried to filter them the best I could. So let’s get right into it.

1. How do you keep a balance between working full time, being a mom and keeping healthy/working out?

Being a full time momma and working full time is HARD work… anyone who tries to glorify it is just lying. I have myself and my kiddos on a strict schedule so everything goes as smoothly as possible. Obviously it’s not perfect… perfection is a unicorn- it doesn’t exist. I am fortunate enough to be able to work out of my home daily. My kiddos typically wake up at 6 am. We usually play outside or in the playroom and then have breakfast. Then once I drop them off at school at 8:45 am and lay Grey down for his nap, that’s when I get my 30 minute to an hour workout in. I have everything on a calendar. Anything in blue is for Brooks, pink is for Scarlett, and Grey is in green. It really helps me stay on track for when I take Scar to ballet or Brooks to soccer. I plan my meetings and conference calls around the kids’ schedules. Most of my calls are when I’m in the car doing errands so I can kill two birds with one stone. It’s all about managing your time to make it efficient. 

Photography: Amy Neusinger

Photography: Amy Neusinger

As for eating healthy, I meal prep on the weekends with me 2+2+2+1 strategy. I dive deep into this in my book, “Everyday Chic.” I prepare two proteins, two salads, two veggies/grains and then one one-pot dish like a casserole something in a crock pot. I store all of the food that I prep in glass containers so it stays fresh throughout the week. 

2. After the holidays, I’ve would like to decompress with a weekend dedicated to beauty/wellness? What would be on your list of priorities for a wellness inspired weekend?

Oh woman, you are speaking my language. Even when it’s not the holidays, I take one day a week to decompress from the stress from work and being a momma. In a recent YouTube video I dive deep into what I do for my Sunday spa day that you can do at home. But if you’re trying to escape for a weekend of wellness, I would have to say a priority of mine is a good facial and massage. There’s truly no better feeling than getting pampered and rejuvenating your skin and body. In addition to the usual spa activities, I also take time each day on one of these weekends to meditate. It’s important to take care of your mind as well as your body. I’ve been dying to go to Amangiri’s in Utah! It’s completely secluded which is so important for a weekend of wellness. 

3. For those of us trying to balance work, home, family and everything else in between, what is the one wellness activity that we should make part of our daily rituals?

Working out is the number one thing that I make sure I incorporate everyday. Not only is working out good for your body but it helps clear my mind. It’s the one thing I can do for one hour that clears my mind and stress levels down. 

4. I’m debating on getting cool sculpting… is it worth the money? Can’t decide if it will actually work only after one time?

I first heard about CoolSculpting from my dermatologist, when I was trying to get rid of that last bit of belly fat in my lower stomach- the dreadful area that all of us can’t shake. I’ve done it twice on my belly and it really really worked. It’s obviously going to be different for everyone so I would speak to your doctor about how many treatments you’ll need. 

5. How often do you drink alcohol? 

Photography: Hannah Thompson

Photography: Hannah Thompson

It just depends on the events I’m going to and occasion. Obviously during the holidays I’m drinking a few times a week since there’s so many parties. But typically I’ll only have a drink or two on the weekends.  I’m also very particular about what I drink– only clear alcohol and wine for me! 

6. I would love to know how long you’ve used Viviscal and what are the benefits/disadvantages you have seen also do you take any other vitamins on a daily basis?

I am so happy you asked me this since Viviscal is one of my ultimate favorite secrets! It was one of the best kept secrets that us models would pass around when we were in Europe back in the ’90s! Hairstylists would literally fry and dye my hair during shoots and it would beyond damage it. I have taken it ever since. I wasn’t able to take it while I was pregnant or breastfeeding so I’ve been back on it these past few months and already see a difference. I can honestly say I haven’t had any disadvantages with the product since it’s a vitamin not a drug! 

Other vitamins that I take everyday are my prenatal, Vitamin D, Vitamin B and Omega-3 Fish Oil. 

7. What advice do you have for managing picky eater phases with your kids?

Photography: Amy Neusinger

Photography: Amy Neusinger

Photography: Amy Neusinger

Photography: Amy Neusinger

I have so many tips for picky eaters… I feel like I’ve become a pro. My kids love fruit kabobs or really just anything on a kabob. I wrote a blog that is taken from Everyday Chic that highlights three healthy and easy recipes that all kiddos will love… no matter how picky they are! You can find that one here

Getting picky eaters to eat the food you want them to is all about making them think that it was their decision. Ask them which plate they’d like to eat off of? What cup would they like to drink out of? When they get to pick their favorite plate with Elmo on it, it makes food and eating more interesting, layered and that much more fun. You also have to be a good example. Momma has the most influence. While I was researching Everyday Chic, I learned that a positive parental role may be a better method for improving a child’s diet than attempts  at dietary control. Lastly, make food fun! Children love to dunk and dip things. They love popsicles and small bites. They love to eat off their favorite superhero plate with their favorite colored fork. They love food in funny shapes, pasta with shapes, fruit with shapes. It takes work and creativity. But it’s work that is worth it. 

8. What’s your diet and exercise routine/plan? 

Let's Talk About... Wellness Photography: Erica Hampton

I do circuit training, hiking, SoulCycle, and hot yoga. I mix it up so I don’t get bored… if I stick to one type of workout, I get over it and dread doing it! As for diet, I stick to high-fiber, low-carb, and lots of protein. I’m trying to eat a more plant-based diet. For example, I like to do Meatless Mondays. When I’m trying to lose weight, I have to be pretty strict.

9. What do you feed your kids and how do you get them to eat healthy? 

Let's Talk About... Wellness

I feed my kiddos turkey, pasta, avocado, tons of fruit, almond butter, steak, chicken, broccoli, carrots and hummus. That’s pretty much what they like to eat everyday. They LOVE avocado. See answer #7 to see how I get them to eat healthy. 🙂 

10. As a mom of three little ones, how do you prioritize sleep? What time do you go to bed and do you ever sleep in or nap?

HA, sleep. That’s funny. But in all seriousness… I’m proud of myself and my kids when I get a full 5 hours a night, which is rare. But I honestly go to bed a little after the kiddos do, which is around 8pm. Then, I wake up about every 3 hours in the middle of the night because of Grey and then we’re up for the day starting at 6am! 

I don’t have time for naps or sleeping in… maybe one day! 

Next, we’re going to talk about Home Decor! Leave your questions in the comments below! Can’t wait! xox


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