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First Friday Finds: 10 New Things I’m OBSESSED With!

Are any of you guys like me and think that the beginning of every month is a new chance to start over? Well, if you are… you’ll love my blog series, First Friday Finds – every first Friday of the month, I share with you what I’ve tried and absolutely LOVE. This series is going to cover everything from snacks to beauty products to my favorite trend. Before I go into detail on these products I really want all of you guys to know that NONE of this is sponsored and it’s 100% my authentic thoughts and favorite products. 

photo by Iana Kozelsky

photo by Iana Kozelsky

First on the list: DANG Coconut Chips —You guys I can’t get enough of these guys. They’re so addicting that I need to hide them from myself. Not only do I love them, but so does Brooksie. I have to give him rations of these or else he’ll eat the whole DANG bag … see what I did there? 😉  The best part… they only have three ingredients: Coconut, Coconut Sugar, and Salt! 

Next up, May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud MaskI received this face mask from Goop in the mail and let me tell you… I’m OBSESSED. I know it’s on the pricier side but I really invest when it has to deal with my skin. It’s extremely moisturizing and really tones down my redness. Not only does it work as a mask, you can add some water to it and you get a cleanser. Momma loves a 2-in-1! 

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders – I kid you not… I am hooked on this show. There’s only two episodes so far so you can dive in so easily. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with true crime and I’m all about this show. But just warning you… as soon as you turn off the TV, you’ll be up all night researching the background. I think my husband thinks I’m a creep because all I do is watch this stuff… but whatever. 

Meri Meri Halloween Decorations– I mean, what’s October without some Halloween love?! This week the kids and I threw on some face masks and started decorating the house while I was “Mummy Mommy.” I always love getting the kids involved in decorating the house! Some of my favorites are their Sugar Skull Cupcake Kit , Sugar Skull Garland , and the Rose Gold Hanging Skeletons  … literally the chicest Halloween decorations ever! 

Gucci Slides  – I know these are on the pricier side but I swear I get my money’s worth! They go with everything and work for every occasion. I wore mine to the Goop party, on the airplane, on my YouTube shoots, when I pick up the kids from school… literally everywhere. There’s also a great Steve Madden pair that’s a fraction of the price that look exactly the same! 

Cos bra I recently discovered Cos’ beyond comfortable bras! Us mommas have NO time for those sexy underwear… you feel me?! When it comes to my undergarments I prefer low maintenance over anything. I’m anxiously waiting for their black bras to be back in stock, I’m that obsessed! If you guys find out before I do, help a woman out.  

The Gray Label—I just recently discovered this brand and had to get some basics for little Grey. They have the best basics for your little ones—I wish they had some for the mommas. I love love love that their clothing is organic and simple. Their products are made from 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified. What else could we possibly want for our babies?! 

My New Book “Everyday Chic—  I’m not just saying this because it’s mine… but I’m TRULY obsessed with it. I can’t even tell you the amount of hard work that went into the final product. It comes out on Tuesday October 10th and I’m nervous, excited and anxious for all of you to finally have it! I really tried to share with you every hosting, meal prep and motherhood tip I know and put it all in one place… this book. You can pre-order it here or wait for it to hit the shelves on October 10th! 

Kopari Coconut Melt – I get extremely dry skin in the latter part of the year because of how much the weather changes. I’ve noticed that this cream gives my skin a special sheen to it. 

Seedling – The kids are obsessed with The Seedling’s arts and crafts. Their most recent box is the Yo Ho Ho Pirate Hat because they like to create and learn at the same time. 


That’s it for this month’s First Friday Finds! I’m always on the hunt, so let me know your favorite new products in the comments below!

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