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Momma Must Have: One Potato

I used to love grocery shopping…until I had kids. It can be terrifying, to say the least. Brooks is pulling things off the shelves, Scarlett is whining for a cookie, and I’m losing my mind. This doesn’t happen every single time–but it definitely happens more often than not.

That’s why I either leave them with Scott or drop them off at a friends house for a bit. I’ll take 1 kid at a time but both of them together? Forget about it. I’ve had way too much experience to know that’s never a good idea.

So, what do you do if there’s no one to drop them off with? No worries. There are definitely other options!

Introducing…One Potato. It’s basically the only fresh-to-your-door meal kit that can feed the entire family. All ingredients are organic and come pre-chopped and prepped in a refrigerated box. All you need to do is throw in the pot or oven. Um, talk about an easy dinnertime hack. Right!?

One Potato was started by the founder of Weelicious, Catherine McCord. So you know it’s good! She’s the guru when it comes to anything kid food related.

Scroll down for more information on how One Potato works and how you can get started! I’m also sharing some fun photos of Scarlett and I making our favorite recipe from the box!

How It Works:

Sign up with size of your family (# of adults and # of children), and any dietary restrictions you may have (i.e. poultry, red meat, pork, fish, shellfish). They offer vegetarian, nut-free and gluten free meals as well. Then, you’ll receive an email with pictures and recipes of the delicious dinners you’ll be cooking the following week. Depending on the number of kids you have, they will send smaller portions so there’s no food waste.

Each Tuesday, a box of fresh, organic food arrives at your home, packed in a cooled, insulated box and measured and semi-chopped, ready to prepare. The box includes three meals, customized to your family. There’s also a special surprise dessert every shipment!

If you are going out of town or are unable to cook that week, just cancel that shipment. There is no membership fee and no minimum commitment.

What It Costs:

Meals Per Week: 3

Price Per Adult Meal: $11.99

Price Per Child Meal: $4.99

Shipping is always free!

The Recipes:

The recipes change every week and you have your choice of what you’d like to prepare. If you don’t like what you see, you are able to cancel that week.

Here’s an example of what’s available for this week:


As you know, Scarlett LOVES to EAT! Literally, more than any child I’ve ever seen. It’s not uncommon to see her double fisting chicken nuggets at the dinner table. When we got our first box, we dove right in and started cooking some yummy Corn Chilaquiles. It was so fun and easy! I’m not joking you–even if you are the worst cook in the entire world, you will NOT mess this up. And, shhh…no one is going to blame you if you pass it off as your own special creation to your husband!


Lovin’ this easy dinnertime hack. A DEFINITE MOMMA MUST HAVE! We all look forward to our shipment every Tuesday. For more information on One Potato and to order, visit their website here! And for $20 off your order, enter the code MOLLY20 at checkout!

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