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6 Workouts To Stream From Home

Just because you don’t have a gym membership or class pass doesn’t mean you can’t have access to similar classes and results. You can now stream a lot of your favorite workouts right in the comfort of your own home. It’s convenient, cost-efficient, and let’s be honest–streaming your workouts at home makes you way more likely to sneak a workout into your day.

I also travel a lot which makes it really, really, really hard to either 1) find a gym or 2) fit a workout into my schedule. As long as you have WiFi, you can stream wherever and whenever. Most programs can be accessed from laptop, iPad, or your phone. I’ve definitely turned my hotel room in a gym quite a few times.

Even if you have a gym membership, streaming your workouts can be a great supplement to mix up your routine. Studies actually show that changing it up a bit challenges new muscles and improves your total fitness. Plus, boredom can lead to burnout! When you mix it up, it keeps it exciting.

Click on the links below to get streaming and start sweating:

1. Barre3

PRICE: $15/a month (basic), $25/a month (plus), & $59/a month (premium) 

Barre workouts aren’t just trendy–they are highly effective, too. It’s such a great core workout and super low impact which makes barre workouts perfect for just about anyone. With an online Barre3 subscription, you get a new video every week plus access to the whole library. The trainers break everything down with simple step-by-step instructions and even offer weekly tips.

2. Yoga Glo 

PRICE: $18/a month 

Yoga always makes me feel calm and confident. And you can truly do it anywhere, anytime. YogaGlo is a fantastic streaming site for yoga at any skill level. If you’re a rookie, these classes will teach you all the moves you need! The best part is that all of their yoga instructions on the site are some of the best in the country. They even offer yoga lectures and workshops to stream, too.

3. The NW Method


I can’t rave enough about my trainer, Nicole Winhoffer. Her program and studio, the NW Method, is based in NYC but can now be streamed online! I’m so, so, so excited. If you want a fun workout, she’s your girl. Nicole’s method is focused around combining the mind, body, and soul through movement and dance while also targeting and toning muscle groups.

But, don’t let the dance portion scare you off. Nicole breaks it down step-by-step and makes it super simple. I promise you–you’ll be hooked.

4. Ballet Beautiful 

PRICE: $39.99/ a month 

Created by a professional ballerina, Ballet Beautiful mixes the grace of classical ballet with a great workout that tones and tightens your entire body. I’ve always wanted to get into ballet workouts but to be honest–I’ve always been a little intimidated. I’m definitely not a dancer! A subscription to Ballet Beautiful gives you pre-recorded streaming videos that include targeted toning exercises, stretches, and cardio workouts. There’s also an option to get a more customized, interactive workout with a live instructor over Skype. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a prima ballerina?

5. Booya 

PRICE: $9.99/a month (+ first month free!)

Like I said, mixing up your workouts will help you keep up the routine. It makes it fun! That’s where Booya Fitness comes in. This program is a subscription-based online website that streams videos of all skill levels and class varieties. It’s like the Netflix of getting a bangin’ hot bod! They also include customized workout plans to give you the results you want. Booya even has “Broga” (bro yoga) classes for the men in your life who want to work on their flexibility. They have literally EVERYTHING!

6. Daily Burn 

PRICE: $14.95/a month (+ first month free!)

Daily Burn is another subscription-based website that goes live with a new video every morning. Each 30-minute, full body workout is beginner-friendly and available in a library to stream anytime, anywhere. The first month is free–so try it out!

No more excuses! These streaming workouts make it easy to fit a workout into your schedule and allow you to go at your own pace. Let me know if you try any of these out. I’d love to hear about your results! 


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