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Brooksie’s 4th Birthday Party


Our little Brooksie is FOUR YEARS OLD! I have to admit—as a momma, each birthday is bittersweet. I always shed a few tears! He’s growing into such a bright and hilarious little boy each and every day. But, he’ll always be my baby! Luckily, I’m still allowed to call him that. But, let’s just give that a couple years.


I love to throw a good party…especially for birthdays. The planning, the details—I love all of it. Every year, we base the theme of the party off of what Brooks’ can’t get enough of at the moment. For his second birthday, it was Curious George. Last year, Batman made an appearance. This year, it’s all about the Legos!

With the help of Stefanie Cove and YOA Productions, our backyard was transformed into our own Legoland. Everything from the food to the decorations was modeled after Brooks’ favorite toy.


The cake, from The Butterend, was the hit of the party. Not only was it perfect for the theme but it was also so, so, so delicious! And in case you were wondering—the head detaches. Can you imagine a group of 20 kids chanting, “Eat The Head!” at the top of their lungs? Well, it happened.


For other treats, Little Sparks Cookies served Lego Rice Krispie treats, cookies, and even Lego shaped gummies. (They are actually super simple to make! (You can buy the mold here)



Other bites included salads, fresh Hors d’oeurves, and plenty of grilled cheese for the kids from chef and caterer, Michael Drabkin.



For fun activities, DIY extraordinaire Nicola Vruwink kept the theme with Lego necklaces, face masks, and spin art.




Nicola also created these life-size Legos for the kids to play with!



Even with all the Lego themed crafts, the biggest hit of the party was the original blocks themselves. Thanks Brickz4Kids for supplying!


For this special day, we also were very lucky to have our family in town. Brooks’ loves his cousins, Grayson and Merritt so much. It meant everything that they could be there!



Thank you everyone who helped make this day as magical as it was. We love you, Brooks!

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