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Food Art With Marie Saba


I consider myself lucky. Brooks isn’t necessarily a picker eater, he just has trouble sitting still at the table and eating. When I found Texas-based Marie Saba on Instagram, I was OB-sessed. Originally a food blogger, she has now come out with her own food design book for kids, Let’s Make Magic With Food. Since starting making food art at home, Brooks actually wants to sit down for a meal because he had fun making it.



I mean, how cute is her food art? Marie has children around the same age as Brooks’ so we decided to have some fun with a little friendly competition. In this competition, there is no winner. Just a fun way to show how different foods and a little creativity can create some masterpieces!


We decided to take a day with our little ones to create a dinosaur, butterfly, dumptruck, and bunny. Going for the healthy route (with a little sweetness, of course!) here is what Brooks’ and I came up with:


Avocado + Gluten Free Bread + Raspberries + Banana + Kale + Cacao Nibs



Strawberries + Blueberries + Pretzel Sticks + Banana + Raspberries



Turkey + String Cheese + Strawberries + Gluten Free Bread + Cacao Nibs + Pretzel Sticks



Sweet Peppers + Carrots + Kale + Sliced Almonds + Swiss Cheese + Round Crackers + Pretzel Sticks


To see what Marie and her AH-dorable daughter created, check out her blog, Cocina Marie for some inspiration.


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