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My Fitness Must-Haves With The Chalkboard Mag

Fitness has always been important to me—the physical and the mental aspect. Now as a mom and wife, it’s even more important to make wellness a huge priority. This week at The Chalkboard Mag, I shared a peek into my gym bag and what keeps me going:

Moment I Fell In Love With Fitness: Growing up, I always watched my mom wake up and exercise every morning—rain or shine. From a young age, I knew how important it was and have always been an active person. That’s why I like to be a great example in my own house for my two little ones! I even include them in the workouts from time to time.

My Motivation: My health. I feel better when I exercise and eat right. Even though it can be hard to stay motivated at times—that fact alone keeps me going. I’m also a very competitive person so if I set goals for myself I tend to keep them.

5 Things Always In My Gym Bag: A water bottle (I love BKR), a towel, a high-protein snack like almonds, a pressed juice, and Dry Bar Detox dry shampoo.

Fave Fitness-wear Brands: I love, love, love Alo Yoga, Koral Activewear, and Zara Terez. They are all super comfortable and stylish. You’ll almost want to wear them outside the gym!

Favorite Time Of The Day For A Class: I always enjoy working out in the mornings. It’s easier to fit in the schedule and I have more energy throughout the day.

On My Workout Playlist: I love high intensity music to keep me going. I like a great mix of new and old music. Rihanna is my favorite to burn some calories to!

Go-To Trainer: Nicole Humphries from Body By Simone. She kicks my butt like no one else. She’s really gotten me into high intensity circuit training.

Favorite Way To Hydrate: I try to drink water all day long. For times when I need a little something else, I like to make my “detox” waters which are infused with herbs and fruits. They are just a little something different but still keeping you hydrated.

Favorite Post-Workout Fuel: Some lean meats like turkey are always my go-to.

Shoe Or Equipment I Love:Exercise bands. I’ve been getting super into them from my trainer, Nicole and I am obsessed. It’s a great way to spice up your workout and a great way to get toned.

I Stay Inspired By: Feeling healthy and energized. No makeup in the world can take the place of a healthy glow.

Fave Home Workout: I love doing “Mommy and Me” workouts. It may sound crazy but it’s fun for the both of us. Brooksie loves to lay on my legs and we do lifts together, I do squats while holding Scarlett—it’s all about the creativity, people!

Most Unexpected Item In My Gym Bag: I don’t know if this is considered “unexpected” but I always have a change of clothes just in case I need to run errands afterward. I hate feeling sweaty!

I Know I’ve Had A Good Workout When: I get that healthy glow! I’m serious—better than any makeup you could buy. I also know I had a good workout when I feel energized and ready to tackle the day.

Secret Weapon Tip: Even if you don’t feel motivated—just get up and start. I know it’s hard but give it five minutes and the endorphins will start pumping. Then you’ll definitely not want to stop. Once I figured that out, it’s way easier to get moving even when I don’t want to.

Fave Outdoor Fitness Activity: Living in California, I love to hike. What’s better than burning some major calories and taking in something amazing views? Practically nothing.

Braids, Hat, Or Pony: I’ll be honest—I love, love, love a good top knot. Since I cut my hair it’s not as easy but I make it happen.

Gym To Street Tips/Secrets: Cute activewear. It’s a little crazy how cute they are making fitness gear these days. Also, make sure to always pack dry shampoo, face wash,perfume, etc. in your bag just in case. It’s saved me a couple times! I love using Dry Bar Detox for my dry shampoo and Koh Gen Do Spa Cleansing Cloths after a great workout.

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