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Gift Giving Tips With Simone LeBlanc


Simone LeBlanc, an artist and gift specialist in Los Angeles, is a master at gift giving. Her curated boxes add a personal touch to every occasion, for everyone on your list. I’m a huge fan of Simone’s and love reaching out to her for all of my gifting needs.

Here are Simone’s tips for effortless and personal holiday gifting:

Think of the recipient:

What types of things does the person you’re gifting love? What places, foods, totally random things do they surround themselves with and gravitate towards? The stories, tastes, and even personality quirks of your loved ones often lead to the most meaningful gifts! Listen to little details of their lives throughout the year and refer to those moments when gifting them for a specific holiday. This takes practice—but it’s a really good thing to work to get better at!

Be authentic:

Have a meaningful reason for giving the gift that you give— don’t just settle for something fancy or in style! This means loving what you’re gifting, too!

Get a second opinion:

If you’re feeling totally confused or overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, seek some external wisdom! Don’t be afraid to ask the partner or best friend of the person you are gifting. A little extra research goes a long way.

Care about the history of your gift:

Lots of people are interested in the back story of objects– who made the item, where it came from, and what purpose they serve. When we know these details, an object tends to resonate deeper.


Think with a touch of extravagance:

Gifts are such a great opportunity to give someone something they might never buy for themselves. However, it’s important to keep things at least somewhat practical—you don’t want to give something that the person will never use or that will go straight to storage! Splurge a little on something practical and rather than feeling frivolous, it will feel special.

Homemade/handmade/custom is a great option:

Knowing that what you are gifting is one of a kind makes the gift extra special and luxurious. If you love crafting, make sure you feel comfortable with whatever skill you’ll be using to make the gift before setting out to DIY– Do a test run before moving ahead with your project. If you’re not crafty, buying handmade items from local artisans on Etsy or at craft sales, or customizing a gift with a monogram feels thoughtful as well.

Put time and effort into every detail:

Consider the packaging as an extension of the gift itself and remember it’s the personal thought that makes a gift really special. It is not about perfection, but rather feeling! Give a little extra thought to everything from the box to the wrapping to the sentiment included in the card

To order Simone’s boxes for your next occasion, check out her curated boxes here.

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