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How to Create Your Own Thanksgiving Tablescape

I’m having the family at my house this year for Thanksgiving—the in-laws, everybody. So I’m spending this week getting everything ready for the festivities. I AB-solutely love hosting especially for my family from out of town.


In my opinion, it’s all about presentation as much as it’s about the food. I called up my friend, Annie Belanger, who owns a design company called A2B table with her partner, Benton Weinstock. Let me say—these girls know how to host a party. Their tablescapes are out of control AH-mazing.


Since hiring a professional to design a tablescape isn’t always the most budget-friendly option—there’s always a way to DIY. All it takes is a little creativity and some inspiration. And, trust me. It will add that special touch that your guests will remember.


Here are some ways you can create your own DIY Thanksgiving tablescape:

Pick A Color Scheme

Each holiday automatically has it’s own color scheme but add something a little different and unexpected into the mix. Annie and Benton used blue candlesticks to off set the “fall-ness” of the table and it turned out great. I always think about how colors will look in pictures and go from there.


Make It Personal

Don’t underestimate the importance of an invitation—even if your family knows or assumes they’re coming. It doesn’t have to be super complicated or thought out. And you definitely don’t have to design it. For a budget-friendly option, check out Paperless Post which already has templates designed to personalize. You can pick to make it paperless to be more eco-friendly or order the standard paper to mail out.

Pick Your Flower

On the same simplicity note, pick a flower and stick with it. On my tablescape, Annie and Benton used primarily white roses. Since there were so many warm colors, I loved that the white brightened it all up! I also used white roses around other parts of the house to keep the theme—like my bathroom, for example. For more floral inspiration, check out my friend Mimi Brown who is also a goddess of the tablescape.


Know Where To Shop

The key to a good tablescape isn’t for it to be expensive but to look expensive. Stores like Ikea and Bed, Bath & Beyond have some beautiful dishes, flatware, vases, etc. to dress up any table. For flowers, go to your local flower mart to buy in bulk.

Keep It Simple

In other words, don’t make it cluttered. Even though your table will be beautiful, you will still need room to eat and drink at it. If you can’t fit a full on place setting because of too much other mess than it takes away from what it’s there for. Dress it up just enough to be festive but simple enough to be functional.

For more tablescape inspiration for any season, check out and follow Annie and Benton’s fabulous Instagram.

Photo Credit: Jessica Hamby Photography

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