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How To Turn Your Workout Space Into A Sweat-Cuzzi

There’s no hard and fast research that tells us that sweating during exercise helps burn more fat and calories. However, I one-hundred percent believe it does and I do whatever it takes to make it rain! Why? It’s like a full body flush. And I believe it’s essential to banishing bulge and other body woes. I employ every tactic to get myself spouting. Yes, I’ve even worn a giant black plastic trash bag while I work out.

Sweating also reduces bloat. I am the queen of water retention. If I don’t sweat for a few days, I look like Puffy The Magic Dragon. It also opens and unclogs the pores. The improved circulation delivers nutrients vital for healthy skin cells, leaving skin softer, smoother, and “glow-ier” if that’s even a word.

In my book, The Everyday Supermodel, I talked about actually turning your gym or workout space into a sweat-cuzzi. Here’s how to get glowing and make it happen:



Heat your workout room or house. I have a small gym and heat the room to about 82 degrees when I’m workout out. No fan. No open windows. Just me, my sweat, and I. Simply using a portable heater in a closed room is an easy at-home option.


Wear a ton of clothes. Pile on the gear, ladies! Most of the time I wear long sleeves and long everything. Yes, it gets hot. Choose pieces that are fitted and designed for moisture wicking. Or like I said before, wear a trash bag. Yes, you heard me. It’s a sauna suit but who cares how it looks as long as it works?


Steam or sauna post workout if you can. Not only is it great for recovery and reducing muscle soreness and stiffness, but it will keep your sweating pumping after your workout.


You want to sweat more? Commit. Push yourself. If you take breaks in class or don’t sprint when you spin instructor says to—you are cheating yourself out of serious sweatage and a better workout.

Here’s the thing. Even though this is so, so, so amazing for your body you MUST practice heat protection. I really don’t want to be picking your sweaty self off the floor after you’ve fainted. Please be smart. Hydrate. The more you sweat, the more water you need to drink. The rule: you need to take in more than you sweat out. The more intense the workout, the more water you need to guzzle. Hydrating helps regulate body temperature and increases performance. If working out in a heated room makes you dizzy and lethargic, then it’s not the strategy for you. Do what feels right!


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