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Fitness Trackers: My New Favorite Accessory

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; it’s hard for me to exercise if I find it boring. So, I mix it up to keep it up! Pilates, hiking, spin, cardio … I’ve done it all. When it comes to my fitness regimen, the most rewarding feeling is setting a goal and accomplishing it. I’m a competitive person by nature so when I have my mind set on something … you better believe I’ll go for it. It also helps to have someone keep you accountable. Normally it’s my trainer or a friend who keeps me on the right track but I’ve also found another option: a fitness tracker.

Since my son has started pre-school, my schedule has been a lot busier than usual. From running him to school to taking him to soccer practices, I take my workout where I can get it. Yes, I’ve been known to take a couple laps around the soccer field! With a fitness tracker, it’s easy for me to track just how much exercise I’ve gotten just in my regular day-to-day routine, which is actually kind of addicting! I’m serious. The second you put that thing on you will definitely not be taking the stairs. It’s like a video game for cardio; the more steps, the more points!

Even better, it also measures heart rate which is great for pregnant mommas-to-be while exercising. Many versions also track resting heart rate, sleep, and link with your calorie-counting apps. My favorite is definitely the FitBit, which comes in different stylish options.

You truly don’t need to be at a gym to get a nice workout in. Your busy schedule is no longer an excuse! Challenge yourself to start. Create a schedule that works for you. Monday-get out there and walk 45 minutes to run some errands. Tuesday-sneak in mini-workouts all day long (calf raises, take the stairs as much as possible.) Use a fitness tracker to motivate yourself and track how much your heart rate is pumpin’. Trust me, you’ll love being able to see your results at the end of the day!


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