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On-The-Go Fitness Tips For Working & Busy Moms

Now that school is back in session, it can get super chaotic. From soccer games to back to school nights, I’m already getting a taste of how crazy these kids’ schedules are! Oh, and Brooksie is just in pre-school. It’s definitely going to get a lot more hectic (and exciting!) from here on out!

With that said, it can be really hard to get some time to yourself to concentrate on your fitness regimen. But, here’s the thing. You don’t have to be at a gym…or even in your home to be able to burn some calories and tone those muscles! It’s all about being creative, people.

Here are a few ways to sneak in exercise throughout your day, anywhere and everywhere. Micro workouts all day long can add up to macro results.

  • Posture Perfect: Be conscious of the way you are sitting. If you have a desk job, you can burn up to 400 calories a day just by sitting up straight and constantly readjusting and engaging your core muscles to encourage better posture.

  • Hip Heist: Stuck in traffic? Do a few sets of hip raises and butt squeezes and feel the booty burn. Bonus? They work your kegels.

  • Wait…and Lose Weight: At the bank, the coffee shop, wherever—it’s your time to do calf raises, mini leg lifts, and other non-embarrassing moves. Skip the hip thrusts, please. Those could get you arrested.

  • Lunge And Relocate: Why walk when you can lunge? Lunge your way to and from wherever/whenever you can. Ten lunges here and there will add up. You will be sore the next day!

  • Take The Stairs … Always: This should go without saying. There is no longer such thing as an escalator!

  • Ditch The Cart: If possible, try to carry things when you are shopping rather than grabbing a cart ESPECIALLY if they are heavy items. Tone it up!

  • Work…And Work Out: Stash a set of light weights under your desk and instead of that five-minute break you take to surf the Internet and online shop, do a couple weight exercises instead!

  • Track Yourself: You’ll be seriously surprised how many calories you burn during the day by just walking. Just like the “Always Take The Stairs” golden rule, you also must walk as much as you can! Wear a fitness tracker and see your results at the end of the day. I promise it will be a huge motivator!

#SUPERMOMMA TIP: On the opposite spectrum, for the first few months after birth, it’s so hard (near impossible) to get out of the house. Not to mention, as a new mom you are on such a tight schedule, you have to get even more creative. Here are some tips especially for all those new mommas:

  • At-Home Help: Workout DVD’s are lifesavers. You can do them in between feedings or whenever you can find time to squeeze in a few “you” minutes. I still love the classic Tae Bo Billy Blanks DVD—it’s a kick!

  • Baby On Board: Walk with that child, carry that child, hike with that child. Attach that child to your back and GO! Carrying the baby weight you love will help you lose the baby weight you don’t. Throwing them in the stroller and taking them for a little jog around the neighborhood is always a good idea, too.


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