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Fitness Tips with KymNonStop

YouTubers and fitness friends (or fiends) alike, today we are talking with the incredibly energetic, KymNonStop! She AB-solutely lives up to her name. Lord knows I can talk a mile a minute and Kym, veteran YouTube superstar, kept me on my toes and then some!

I’m a girl who needs different types of exercise as fitness to keep me engaged and energized about my workout. Kym is totally my type of girl in that deptartment. One of the many hats this busy and driven lady wears is that of a SoulCycle instructor, so I had to ask the question that is ALWAYS on the mind of fitness geeks worldwide. You’ve heard the wives’ tales, right? Too much cycling will give you big legs and/or booty … Well?? Fact or fiction? You will have to tune into today’s video to get Kym’s answer on this heated debate along with tons of fitness and wellness tips I’m super excited to share.

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