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#SimsFitness: Sweat It Out

It feels great to sweat when you work out.  It is that badge of honor that you are doing something right in your fitness regime.

Don’t get me wrong, sweat has an appropriate venue; I’m not at all for sweating when it is inconvenient or embarrassing!  In those cases I would prefer to be a poreless creature that lacks that body function because this girl can sweat when she’s nervous or stressed. Not the best look if you are wearing a silk top on camera! I could share a story about stuffing paper towels down my top on set, but I will spare you the gory details!!

But when I’m working out, I’m down for the full body sweat-a-thon!!  I’m going to tell you all about why it’s so good for you, and I’ve even found some special clothing that will give your sweat glands the extra oomph they need that would make Richard Simmons jealous and make all those terrible toxins hit the road.

Sweating is SO good for you.

  • Good for your skin:  Sweating opens your pores and gets the yuck out. Aestheticians use steam during facials to achieve this same effect! Just remember it is really important that you shower off all the grime you just sweated out.  No sweating and going or you will just be leaving dirt on the surface of your skin potentially creating breakouts.  Let your skin glow!!  To really take it to the bridge you should dry brush your skin before hopping into the shower.
  • Beat it toxins: Your lymphatic system is your body’s filtration network. Harmful organisms are trapped destroyed as they pass through they lymph nodes. Give your lymph system a hand by sweating out the toxins.
  • Boosts your endorphins: Sweating boots your endorphins. Which gives you natural pain and stress fighting magic.  That’s why you feel so good after a workout.
  • Natural antibiotic: Sweat can actually kill bacteria that can cause infection through antimicrobial peptides.

I could go on an on!!  Sweating even improves blood flow and digestion. As you can see, sweating is really your friend (please remind me of that the next time I’m shoving paper towels down my top!!)

I even found fitness clothing that will amp up your sweat potential!  I’m all about making the most of my workout, so when I found these sweat-tastic clothing options I knew I had to give them a try. Back in the day I used to workout with a garbage bag on top of my clothes. These duds are couture fashion compared to my hefty bag beginnings!!


At the top of the “hot wear” fashion heap is a clothing company called Zaggora.  They created a Thermofit technology that makes you sweat more and burn more calories.  I’m all for boosting that calorie burning potential!! My very kind friend, Danielle is modeling Zaggora for us and you can tell by the pic the outfit worked its magic!


I went the Rocky Balboa route with my sweat fashion endeavor!!  This sweatsuit is going to be perfect for my toxin releasing fitness rituals.  Cue the Rocky theme song.  Mama is coming!! 

What do you like to wear when you workout??  Please share with me your favorite fitness gear!  I know the readers of want to know, too!! Let’s get physical, people.  Your mind and body will thank you for it.

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