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#SupermodelSecrets: The Perfect Ponytail

While the beach wave is one of my classic go-to’s, I also love, love, love me a good high pony. Not only is it super sleek and classic, but it elongates the neck and lets you show off that sexy collar bone. The high pony can easily be taken from day to night, and I love that it looks so sophisticated but is actually really effortless. I’m going to give you 5 easy steps to achieving the perfect high ponytail.


First, gather your hair starting at the crown of your head, and split it into 2 sections, one section being the top half of your hair, the second section being the bottom, under layers of your hair. Next, clip the top section to get it out of the way, and brush the bottom section up until it is in a smooth, tight pony tail meeting the line wear you split your part. Tie it very tightly with a clear elastic. Once it’s tied, release the top section and brush back to meet the low ponytail and combine the two sections, securing with a heavier hair tie.

Here’s a trick: to get the top section as smooth as possible, spray your hairbrush and your hair with hairspray, and brush it back. I die for Elnett by Loreal, and the Lemon Drop brush by The Dry Baris fab. To hide the bigger hair tie, wrap a piece of your hair around the ponytail holder to make it look extra sleek. Once your ponytail is set, straighten or curl your hair to your liking. And if you’re anything like me and want to make sure that those fly-aways are NOT invited to the party, Magic Moves Finishing Cream by Supremo will take care of that for you.

Well, there you have it ladies! An easy, peasy, AH-mazing high pony. Definitely try this look next time you want to look chic, but want to try something new! Not only will there be eyes on you all night, but I can promise you that you’ll be feeling confident and glam as ever.

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